Travel brings power and love back to your life.

It’s funny how a world map hanging on the blackboard of her first grade classroom has such an impact toward her life until now, as she spun the globe on the teacher’s desk, a whiz in knowing the world capitals (not that she can recall much as she did at 7), studied in international school where classmates came from countries unheard of, where the story of wanderlust began.

A website to lust her travel story, where you’ll find travel guides, overload authentic food, and beauty tips she experimented battling with different climates with her sensitive skin. 

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, she works in the beauty industry as MKTer, her wanderlust in the evening shapes her curiosity in morning daydreaming. 

And if you are wondering why she doesn’t write a lot about Taipei, it’s not because she is unfamiliar with her city, sometimes when you are too close for comfort, where shall we began? Still she had planned travel plans for family and friends in-n-out of Taiwan craving for more. Let her know if you are planning to come to Taiwan next.

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