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Hershey Chocolate Hill

Bohol October 3, 2016

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If Hershey Kisses were real in life, we can find 1260 kisses in central Bohol checking in as the hottest destination on the island.

Highly recommend the best way to tour Chocolate Hill is go on a ATV Ride.   I recalled there were two options to choose from: 30 mins or an hour ride with a tour guide leading us, stopping at photogenic spot, assisting us taking photos and teaching us how to make the authentic Chocolate Hill pose, nevertheless FILM VIDEO along the ride! His hand did not shake or left us out of the screen!   What’s more: he has a timer in his pocket! When we were surprised 30 mins were up like a wind, there goes the saying “time flies fast when you are having fun”, he pulled out the timer and showed us how long the time had flung.  We added a 30 mins more and have to admit how professional they are in guiding us around, taking photos, and timing us to avoid dispute. Gee Whizs.

And you would not believe who is the best driver among us all.

My mom to be exact!  (Who would think a 60 years old lady drive well than her 20s children?)

Totally forgot how awesome she was at driving since she doesn’t drive anymore nowadays due to eye concern, we are just too amateur and could just sing follow the leader bumping into rocks and sinking into grass(well, that’s me…I have a driver license in case someone get sick one day and I could hold the steering wheel. I take public transportation so no worries you’ll find me on the road), engine went off(unfortunate to my sis who is now the boss at home in driving), laughing in the back and front(my bro driving fast faraway off wanting to get rid of his mother and sisters).  Family relation goals?

And if you wonder the restroom would smell as rural at it seems, you might be in a total surprise to find the restroom here has AIR-CONDITIONER, spotless clean to imagine with cleaning lady dusting it every time a person goes in and out.

For your friendly reminder the Philippines is a tipping country. We had prepared quite a few clean US dollar in hand to tip when in need, as like finding a superior clean air conditioner restroom here and tipping the lady thanking her the great condition she has maintained!  Special noted out we would prepared clean dollar bill as we felt its a way to show respectiveness to others, on the contrary those who received clean bills would felt being respect and happy as well.

Besides “restroom” aka “toilet”, here in the Philippines would called them “Conference Room” aka “CR”. I recalled whispering “I want to go to the Conference Room” to my elementary school teacher with her looking at me “You want to go where!?” Of course not the Conference Room teachers  would go for a meeting silly! “I want to go to the toilet” not confusing her and feeling adult saying “the Conference Room”.

如果Hershey 巧克力真的出現在生活中了話,我想有1260顆浪漫的散落在薄荷島島上最熱名打卡景點— 巧克力山!

非常推薦以四輪傳動車方式近距離觀賞Chocolate Hill和感受山腳下的原始風貌。 四輪傳動車體驗分為:半小時或一小時的行程。  會有導遊在前面帶路,還會在必拍照景點教我們如何擺出經典的巧克力山紀念pose,更厲害的是他還可以拿著我們的手機,手不會晃動穩穩的從前方錄影在後面跟隨的我們,重點是:我們都沒有晃出鏡頭外噢!而最另我們訝異的是他還帶計時器在身上! 許多一眨眼玩得不亦樂乎的旅客如我們,會很難想像三十分鐘如風一樣迅速逝去,而不相信體驗行程就要在玩得正要上手時要結束了!  這時導遊會拿出計時器跟我們解釋,在行時一開始時便開始計算時間,爾後我們若想要再追加三十分鐘玩滿整個一小時行程了話,他便會開始再計至一小時。實在無法不讚嘆導遊的專業度帶著我們又玩、又會拍照、還會計時以防與客人之間產生衝突。


盡是媽媽!!!! (誰會想到60歲的媽媽盡然比她20幾歲的小孩們開得還好!?)

但也是,我也忘了媽媽以前的開車技術是我看過最好的,只是這幾年來因為眼睛視角一些角度無法像以前那樣迅速反應,已經沒有在開車了。我們這一些菜鳥們只能在她後方跟隨著老大撞到石頭或陷進草堆裡(好啦,那是我,我有駕照但考的目的主要是以防萬一有一天有人身體不舒服而需要有人在方向盤上,我可以當很好的後盾,但主要都是搭大眾交通運輸工具的,所以不用擔心會在路上看到我開車),一直熄火的引擎(我們家目前主要駕駛姊姊),在後方笑的很開心或呼蕭而去的到前方笑後面的人的弟弟⋯⋯   最終極版的家庭目標關係!?



另外廁所除了叫做「toilet」和「restroom」之外,菲律賓人會稱廁所為「Conference Room」別名「CR」。依稀記得國小到班導旁敲敲的跟她說「我想要去Conference Room」時,她瞪大眼睛看著我說「妳想要去哪!?」 當然不是你們大人的開會場所啦老師~ 「我想要去toilet」覺得尷尬的再說一次,心想剛剛很像大人說了「conference room」是一件再專業不過的事了!

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  • Reply Joyce December 15, 2016 at 05:03

    When I saw your title, I seriously imagined a bunch of hills made of Hersey’s chocolates! How yummy! Your ATV adventure sounds really cool and it looks beautiful! I also think it’s super cool that your mom ended up being the best driver! I would love to see her drive and race you guys

    Characters & Carry-ons

  • Reply Mitzie Mee October 15, 2016 at 23:29

    I thought the C.R. was for Comfort Room, but both sound silly:) Those hills really look like Hershey kisses:)

  • Reply sileas October 5, 2016 at 00:48

    Whaaat, I didn’t know they had ATV tours there, it looks soooo fun! So nice you enjoyed together as a family and your mom absolutely rules, haha 😀

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