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review: OTTO Pizza Bar

Taipei June 10, 2016

IMG_8362 When mozzarella meets fresh mozzarella, can’t it be a tug-of-war? I mean, can’t be any better with double the fun mozzarella can’t we?

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The new kid on the block at Taipei East District (Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT station area) is this new Italian homey pizza bar straight from Italy.

The owner Paolo, a Taiwanese born grew up in Italy all his life came back to hometown country Taiwan, however it’s like how most of the story goes: not surprisingly he miss the IT food he was up-bring, went back to Italy in search for those memory ingredients and brought chef Beppe to Asia starting and sharing the IT food to Taipei.

My friend is a member of YELP Elite, for readers in the US I believe you know what YELP is, for those who don’t, it’s a food community app that anyone can upload photos, write reviews of food&beverages of restaurants, share food loves with family and friends, and of course not to step into unexpected restaurants. (Here’s my YELP account, currently empty, but I’ll be sure to update my foodie review 🙂 )

Once a month YELP held their YELP Elite meet up trying new food in town and mingle with the neighborhood, I tagged along as each member can bring a friend, also I wanted to say hi to Yelp Taipei Community Manager as I’ve realized from Facebook (we have so many mutual friends) that we were kindergarten classmate, ha.  It’s funny the first thing she asked me was “Were you that Tiffany that I hit a lot back that” “Uh…” (I mean, I am not a person who would get others bully me, especially not physically!) Funny, those childhood memories.

The price range of the pizza as I checked from fellow yelpers is NT390, I am not sure the portion and the pizza size it means up here, as we had this super-duper-delicious-long pizza as can see from the photos.  There’s a mix of pizza up on that long pizza, not sure really how many are up there, but 8 are written on the menu, so I assume we probably had that much as well. Sorry, my memories bad. Oh I must pointed out, the pizza is being handmade after ordering and fresh out of the oven as we can smell it within a step distance. The ingredients are tasty and fresh, especially have my favorite arugula!  We had a Q&A questions of Italy game, and the winner from each table was able to make their own pizza and bring it home.

I’d really recommend to come here as it’s homey chill with good food, in the city hub, if gonna bar hop next, it’s the right place to start the night.

OTTO Pizza Bar 

Address: No.24, Lane 21, An-Ho Road, Da An District, Taipei, Taiwan

Tel: +886 2773 7715

Open Hour: 11:30-14:00, 17:30-22:00

Photograph: iphone 6

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台北新餐廳− 一間來自義大利的家常披薩店在台北東區忠孝敦化站開幕了!


我的朋友是YELP菁英會員,美國讀者我想都會知道YELP是什麼,但不知道了話− YELP是一個美食社群平台,可讓大家上傳照片分享美食心得的網站,除了跟親朋好友說最近吃或吃了什麼好料,當然也是希望大家不要碰到地雷餐廳。(這是我的YELP帳號,現在是空的,但會陸陸續續上傳吃貨心得 🙂 )

每一個月YELP會舉辦YELP菁英聚會試吃城市裡的新餐廳,也讓大家認識新朋友。拖著朋友的福,我也一起去享用,但其實也是想要跟台北YELP的社群經理打招呼,因為從Facebook上(我們有很多共通朋友)發現她其實是我的幼稚園同學,哈哈,世界就是這麼的小。有趣的是,她問我的第一個問題是:「妳是那一位我小時候常打的Tiffany嗎」「Uh…應該不是吧」 當然我也不是一位會讓任何人霸凌我的人,更別說肢體上的衝突⋯⋯真有趣,小時候的記憶。


特別要提的是:披薩是點完餐之後才開始製作的,不用遠遠的,而近在咫尺之一步距離就可聞到披薩現做飄香的美味。 食材更是非常新鮮,也有我最愛的芝麻葉!我們還玩了認識義大利的小遊戲,每一桌答對的人可現場跟義大利廚師一起做一份新鮮披薩熱呼呼的帶回家。

很推薦來這裡用餐,悠閒的居家環境,交通方便,接下來若想要bar hop,這會是明眸夜晚開始的好起點。

OTTO Pizza Bar 

地址: 台北市大安區安和路一段21巷24號

電話: +886 2773 7715

營業時間: 11:30-14:00, 17:30-22:00

相機: iphone 6

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  • Reply Mitzie Mee June 18, 2016 at 14:48

    The pizzas look really tasty, and you can never have too much mozzarella:) Are all the pizza places in Taipei that nice?

  • Reply Tiffany June 11, 2016 at 17:38

    omg that pizza!!!! I’m such a fan of Italian food (mainly because i love cheese!!), can’t wait to try the place out! 🙂 And it’s so cool you get to be part of the Yelp Elite Gathering, must be one amazing experience! Have a great day Tiff!


    • Reply Tiff June 12, 2016 at 16:05

      I am a cheese lover as well, the mountain amount of cheese they have it on is no kidding!
      Yes, do try it while you are back in town 🙂
      I hope you have a great trip back this summer 🙂

  • Reply sileas June 11, 2016 at 15:47

    Haha I love the pic of everyone taking photos of the pizza! Although the pizza really looks damn delicious 😉

    • Reply Tiff June 12, 2016 at 16:04

      haha, I suppose this is what it looks like at meet up event. The pizza is scrumptious 😀

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