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review: Kyushu Pancake @ Fu Jin Street

Fu Jin Street June 7, 2016

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It’s been a while I share food post of Taiwan.

Sometimes it’s too close for comfort, sometimes there’s too much to document and I just let it go.

Anyhow, besides documenting the fun in the Philippines, I ought to share some good find “FOOD” in between at Taipei that I come across town.

Kyushu Pancake was a buzz when it opened in town at 2014, and as long as anyone can remember: there’s always a long queue outside of Fu Jin Street (Fu Jin Street is one of the cafe hotspot in town). They opened the 2nd store at Eslite Songyan, hopefully that’ll digest the crowd a bit.

Queue is a thing in Taiwan when anything new comes to town, especially restaurant or cafe from Japan always photo bomb the country out.

My friend and I came here on a weekday afternoon, we made a reservation, still it was full house, and we wondered where everyone came from on a weekday.

We ordered a savory and a sweet pancake to share, Kyushu Pancake Chill Sauce, which seems to be the pancake version of Sloppy Joe and Kyushu Pancake Plain, comes with honey and homemade mashed fresh fruit.

The Kyushu Pancake Plain doesn’t sound that boring as it’s name on the menu is, it’s made out of 7 distinguishes grains from Kyushu Island, which the first photo state out, brings out the every natural bit of part of the grain, very tasty topping the honey and the fresh fruit mashed. The pancake flour can be bought home to mesmerize and make-eat-repeat pancakes.

The Kyushu Pancake Chill Sauce is very delicious and got us stuffed. We were pretty surprised the two portion had our stomach delight and didn’t growl till the next day.

I just realize Kyushu Pancake now open cooking class in Taipei, for those who love cooking class can check them out as well!

Kyushu Pancake

Address: No.413 Fu-Jin Street, Taipei, Taiwan

Telephone: +886 2 2375 1905 (reservation before actual date) |  +886 2 2749 5253 (reservation on the day)

Kyushu Pancake Cooking Class

Address: No.15, Lane 69, Min Sheng East Road Section 5, Taipei, Taiwan

Telephone: +886 2 2748 6599


有時會覺得是日常生活中太稀鬆平常的事就沒寫,而又或發生太多事情而來不及紀錄,就讓它們let it go.




我們點了兩種鬆餅−一鹹一甜。  鹹點代表是:義式番茄肉醬鬆餅,讓我想起美國的Sloppy Joe,甜點代表是:九州七榖原味鬆餅,佐香甜蜂蜜與新鮮果泥。  九州七榖原味鬆餅不會如其名的那樣單調無味,由於由七種穀物為原料,帶出穀物最自然原始的風味,再搭蜂蜜與新鮮果泥,感到非常健康美味。  義式番茄肉醬鬆餅的醬超好吃,讓我們吃的超飽。我們挺驚訝雖然只點了兩份但這份量讓我們兩吃得很飽。



地址: 台北市松山區富錦街413號

聯絡方式: +886 2 2375 1905 (非當日預約請撥訂位專線) |  +886 2 2749 5253 (當日預約請撥門市電話)


Address: 台北市民生東路五段69巷15號

聯絡方式: +886 2 2748 6599

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  • Reply Mitzie Mee June 20, 2016 at 04:40

    The pancakes look really delicious. Would love to try them someday. Maybe I’ll be able to find the cafe in Tokyo later this year?

    • Reply Tiff June 22, 2016 at 14:18

      Good for you going to Tokyo again (feeling jelly lol). I am not sure if they have it in Tokyo, need to google up, but I’ve known HARBS is a must when in Tokyo, though I’ve not tried it yet, but I’m always photo bombard by it when any friend goes to Tokyo.
      Another good to try is 木村家 at Ginza, a 100+ years old bread store, their red bean bread is their best of the best, I have to say it’s the best red bean bread I’ve eaten till now.
      I even brought it back to Taiwan for my family as well, and jolly they were (that’s how famous they are haha.)

      Here’s the website:

      Have a nice trip to Tokyo Mitzie!!!!

  • Reply sileas June 9, 2016 at 16:03

    Wow this looks SO delicious! Japanese cafés are just so creative and masters in food art… Why is this so far away >o<

    • Reply Tiff June 12, 2016 at 16:05

      Hahaha….perhaps thinking about expat to Asia, lol

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