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Minimal tropical @ Ocean Suites

Ocean Suites May 17, 2016

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the red meat is corn beef, it is one of the staple Filipino food after WWII what the American left here; 紅色的肉是corn beer, 二戰後美軍留下的一道菲式佳餚

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A total of 5D4N in Bohol, we stayed the last two nights at Astoria Bohol, and the first two nights were here at Ocean Suites.

While we were figuring where to go for CNY, choosing between Palawan and Bohol, a friend uploaded a snapshot from Ocean Suites, and I suppose I assume we already know where we are gonna stay and decided “BOHOL!”  ... as 6 hours ride to El Nido was no kidding.

The stay at Ocean Suites was good, the only down part I had was the swimming pool, it felt it wasn’t being refresh daily and there wasn’t a water cycle that every swimming pool has. Other than that, we are all pretty good, and food here are wonderful as well. (food is so essential everywhere!)

All of my Bohol tours were being arranged by Ocean Suites, as I stayed with them the first two nights and thought it’ll be easier to just arrange all our itinerary in one place.

If you are wondering the differences between Ocean Suites and Astoria Bohol tour, below perhaps can explain:

I personally do not think there are much different between the tour. As I read a lot of blogs and watched youtube, everyone’s itinerary are pretty much one alike the other, so … I suppose these are what to do on the island.

The car we had for our trip with Ocean Suites were all Toyota that can seat four people. Ocean Suites does not have its own car nor driver, they co-op with a rental company with driver that speaks English, and they were very polite and nice to chat with as well.

As for my experience with Astoria, one day we went to the mall by hotel transportation, they have in-house van and driver, very professional with uniform, from here with bigger capacity of vehicle and profession I suppose is the reason the charge may be a bit higher.

Above are my experiences and what I know, as being happy and safety are utmost when traveling  🙂

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Photograph: Canon S100, iPhone 5

五天四夜的薄荷島自助旅行,有兩晚待在Astoria Bohol,另外兩晚待在Ocean Suites.

在安排過年要去哪裡玩的時候,我們在巴拉望與薄荷島中做掙扎,那麼巧的一位朋友在那時到了薄荷島並上傳一張在Ocean Suites的照片,大概覺得飯店已決定好了,所以就決定:薄荷島!畢竟⋯⋯坐6小時的車到愛尼島可不是開玩笑的!

蠻喜歡這一次住Ocean Suites的經驗,唯一覺得有待加強為游泳池。游泳池沒有一般游泳池有的過濾器以及不像是每一天有被清洗一樣。除此之外,其它都不錯,當然食物好吃(食物好吃比什麼都很重要不是嗎!?)

此次薄荷島的行程全程由Ocean Suites安排,我請他們提供當地遊玩行程,由於住在兩家飯店,覺得還是在一個地方搞定所有行程還是比較方便。

若你很好奇Ocean Suites與Astoria Bohol行程有什麼不同,以下可以跟你分享


Ocean Suites幫我們安排的車為4人座Toyota. 它們沒有自己的車行或是司機,是與租車公司配合車輛與司機,司機都會說英文且很有禮貌,也會盡量找話題與遊客寒暄,請不要覺得不自在的跟他們聊天噢。

在Astoria Bohol時,我們有一天搭飯店自有車前往薄荷島最大的購物中心晃晃,Astoria有自己的司機與車,車可不是一般的車而是休旅車,司機更是穿著飯店制服,專業度勝許多,相較之下在車的價格方面我想就是會有差異的了。


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相機: Canon S100, iPhone 5

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  • Reply Jasmin June 9, 2016 at 06:13

    what a great place!!! <3

    • Reply Tiff June 12, 2016 at 16:06

      It’s a nice place to stay at Bohol 🙂

  • Reply Tiffany May 19, 2016 at 22:02

    Sounds like a great hotel. Sorry to hear the pool wasn’t that good, but you’re right, nothing compares with amazing food!
    I love travelling to island, it really helps you relax and get your mind off things. 🙂 Have a great day Tiff!


    • Reply Tiff June 2, 2016 at 23:09

      Indeed it is with the good deal, hope you get to travel to an island on your next vacay 🙂

  • Reply sileas May 18, 2016 at 15:39

    Oh my the squid just got me! Soo hungry for decent sea food now! What a great getaway, Tiff 🙂

    • Reply Tiff June 2, 2016 at 23:08

      The squid got us too! It doesn’t look much but got us full and satisfied! 😀

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