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50 Shades of Blue @ Astoria Bohol

Astoria Bohol May 7, 2016

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If reading 50 shades of grey on flight is such an intimidating story to disclose, the 50 shades of blue at Bohol is too good to be true.

Not to say Grey wasn’t good, it’s just… I always bring along a book during flight, this time happens to be an imaginative one, no clue or read the review what the plot was about and lead me to on a flight, this was a flight story few years ago and Grey is better than the movie, don’t you think?

The definition of a ‘holiday’ in my perspective points of view is ‘beach and books.’ It’s so hard to cut off from mobile living in this fast pace digital world, the slow wifi at hotel somehow comes as blessing in disguise at this kind of a moment.

Scattered as one of the touristy island in Visayas of the Philippines, an hour away flight from the capital Manila is Bohol, an island I would want to visit once again as I’ve not finished my adventure.

I snapped a great deal with Expedia together with my AirAsia flight for 2 nights,  no worries that I’ll bleed your pocket, as I have no clue where to find my own bandaids myself.

In my dreams I would open the window and hear the bird crisp, here I opened the Mindanao craved wooden door gleaming sunshine waving to the beach. It’s as if time has stopped with the children rise and shine getting boat ready for their pap to start the day. No matter how much things we did hanging around the resort- up and down, reading, napping, swimming, the sun seems to never go down which shock us what a hectic fast pace life we were running back in the city. And when back in the city, we wish we could throw away our phone or clock to forget about the time.

Astoria Bohol is a 15 mins ride from the airport, with only 8 rooms having it’s own beach and swimming pool.  Welcome us with fresh pandan coconut milk, the grassy green drink outshine the blue bliss in the back, where wooden aesthetic necklace was greeted upon us for a wonderful layback stay in the resort.

Sometimes its a blessing in disguise, I’ve lined up another island hopping tour for us, however my sister got sick from the previous day with having too much fun in the water and drank some seawater(?!) that she got dehydrated that I had to canceled our tour trip, and had a day laying on the bed and the sand, also to check out the biggest mall on the island.  There’s always a reason to come back to a place isn’t it?

Didn’t choose to stay at Panglao Island or Alona Beach is cause I just dislike to be in the touristy area and always in the hunt to find somewhere unique and unknown to stay. I do find Astoria Bohol a hidden treasure as it seems not much people know this place. Well, I am sure more of you know now…..as here’s my reveal and list of place to stay in Bojol!

Highly recommend to stay here for it’s serene, good food, awesome bathroom, super smilely nice staff of their passionate and generosity, it’s a perfect destination for vacay.

I just realize as went through photos, it rained heavily when we left Astoria to the airport. Actually everywhere rained when we were about to leave during this whole Philippines trip, this is life.

The high and low of tide of the sea amazes me between day and night, it reminds me that one summer I went to Nauru in the Southern Pacific.  What astonished me was how the wave rolled with the clouds just an hour the same spot I was standing and it seem melted far away where it hit me on the sand.

Wonder how’s food here? Be easy and patient, food boom will be here soon!

Have not plan out what to do on the island? Astoria Bohol can provide tour itinerary upon your request, no worries not know what to do at Bohol! There’s so much to explore 🙂

Oh, oh, I believe most of you wonder about the room fare. As internet is so convenient these days, I highly recommend to compare a few booking site before clicking the enter button. We deal a 2 nights+ 4 AirAsia route trip tickets MNL-TAG with Expedia Philippines at around 32,000peso excluding meal and luggage as AirAsia is a low cost carrier.  We minimum our trip by top off 2 check-in luggages and 2 carry on, did munch some good ramen instant noodle on the flight, but hey, it’s just an hour flight, no worries.  However, if you ever think of booking with AirBnb, here’s my friend referral link:www.airbnb.com.tw/c/tang2?s=8, 25USD off on your first trip, and if wanna know my experience with AirBnb, can head on clicking this link, and read my reviews.  There were actually some nice stay of AirBnb at Bohol, I’ll try to finish up mesmerize my trip sooner to reveal how to choose accommodation while traveling.  

Photograph: Canon S100

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若在飛機上閱讀格雷的50道陰影是一件不知道從何而始的故事,薄荷島上的50道藍影會是旅行美好故事的首篇篇章。 不是要說格雷不好,只是⋯⋯每一次搭飛機我都有習慣帶一本書在身上,那一次帶來的這一本我連推薦,故事情節是什麼都不知道的書就放進隨身包裡,誰知這是一本極度幻想的書,更何況我在飛機上閱讀⋯⋯這是好起年前的搭機故事了,而格雷呢⋯⋯書比電影好不是嗎?



這一次在Expedia上找到價格超值實惠的機加酒組合,4人兩晚Astoria Bohol與AirAsia來回機票,別擔心住在這麼棒的度假村會讓錢包血流成河,別忘了我也不知道我的止血袋在哪,哈哈。


Mindanao深棕木質雕刻木門,感受陽光曬在肌膚上的熟稔與海浪回岸在沙灘上的聲響。 奇怪也讓我們感到驚訝的是:無論做了多少事,上上下下漫步於沙灘上,看書,睡覺,游泳,時間似被靜止了一樣,太陽永不日落,每分每秒的動作像被停格一樣,時間完全不動,此舉也讓我們反省每一天在城市的步調是多麽的緊迫快速。回到城市後,恨不得將手機,可以看到的時鐘都丟了⋯⋯我們大家一起遺忘時間吧!

Astoria Bohol距離機場約15分鐘車程,擁有8間客房及自己的沙灘和游泳池。新鮮嫩綠班蘭椰子汁與背後蔚藍的海,手工雕刻項鍊熱情的歡迎我們的到來,既期待接下來幾天在此的度假時刻。

有時候發生有一些事情時我都歸於老天爺開了另一扇窗,在薄荷島的5天我安排了2天跳島遊,但似乎我姐在第一個跳島遊玩得太開心,喝了不少海水,讓她接下來的幾天嚴重脫水,以至我需要取消第2個跳島行程, 而有了一整天在Astoria慵懶的在海灘發呆玩耍及到島上最大的購物中心逛逛。我想這是我再回薄荷島遊玩的好藉口吧!

我沒有選擇在最著名的Panglao島上的Alona海灘下榻因為我們很不喜歡遊客多的地方,喜歡找尋清新、特別,鮮少人知的住宿點。Astoria Bohol的確是我在找尋飯店時挖到的寶,感覺很少人知道⋯⋯但我想分享此文後,你們都知道我薄荷島的口袋名單飯店了!




好奇最大重點這裡的食物好吃嗎? 別急,食記會接續的安排上線!

還沒想到在薄荷島上做什麼嗎? Astoria Bohol可以提供您島上行程安排,別擔心不知道要做什麼,記得可以寫信詢問,因為島上有好多事情值得去玩樂探險!

噢對了,我想大家很想要知道的是住在這兒一晚要準備幾兩荷包吧?在網路這麼發達的現在,建議大家先上各大住宿平台做功課找尋最好的優惠方案。我們是透過Expedia Philippines 訂了兩晚住宿+4張 AirAsia馬尼拉-薄荷島來回機票共約32,000菲幣,但這部包含行李及餐點,因為AirAsia是廉價航空。我們也精簡的只帶了兩件托運及兩件手提行李,肚子餓的時候有在機上買了泡麵來吃,但說真的這一趟飛行也才一個小時,別擔心會餓到發抖。若想要用AirBnb訂宿,可使用我的好友推薦連結:www.airbnb.com.tw/c/tang2?s=8,第一次使用可省下USD25,想要知道我的AirBnb經驗可按此連結就有我之前到峇里島住宿的分享。說真的,那時在找住宿時,薄荷島有蠻多不錯的AirBnb,看了都很心動,我近期會盡快把文章寫寫再來分享旅行時怎選住宿好了。

相機: Canon S100

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  • Reply Hanh May 9, 2016 at 18:50

    Wow such beautiful photo Tiff, looks so heavenly 🙂 I’ve thought to go to the Philippines but you can’t beat a beach holiday.

    • Reply Tiff May 9, 2016 at 23:44

      Next of Bali can be the Philippines, perhaps it’s your 2016 beach plan? I saw some nice one in Vietnam that anticipate me as well, haha 🙂

  • Reply Elizabeth T. May 8, 2016 at 23:19

    Loving all of these pics, Tiff! It’s been awhile since your last post, and I’ve missed reading about your travels! The hotel looks amazing, and the beaches are so pretty! 🙂 <3

    XO, Elizabeth

    • Reply Tiff May 9, 2016 at 23:43

      Thanks Elizabeth! I am back and will upload them all soon 🙂 Hope you enjoy memorize them as much as I do! x

  • Reply sileas May 7, 2016 at 16:04

    You went to Nauru? Wow! Anyway I loved Alona Beach and your photos brought back some nice memories 🙂 And the hotel looks like an amazing getaway, what an excellent choice!

    • Reply Tiff May 9, 2016 at 23:42

      Yes I did, and you know Nauru!!!!! My goodness, lol.
      Glad they brought back good memories, come holiday in Asia soon! x

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