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Checking-in at Hotel WO

Kaoshiung January 13, 2016

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IMG_5243Simple, heart-warming Christmas cheer!
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it’s black bean, fish saute with sweet sauce, the red string is made out of wheat gluten and eat with congee…i know how diverse this breakfast looks likeIMG_5249IMG_5252

Hotel WO 窩飯店

Add: No. 394, Qixian 2nd Rd., Qianjin Dist., Kaohsiung 801, Taiwan, R.O.C

Tel: +886 7 282 6000

Temperature has been slightly dropping in Taipei, it’s 14C right now with pouring rain, feels like below 14C with chill crisp up the spine.  The iconic winter weather in Taipei- rain and rain. 

Dreaming of this marble bathtub.  Nothing can trade off a hotel room with a good bathtub. A nice bubbly hot bathtub mode should be on!

I chose this hotel on our stay at Kaoshiung, because of the marble table as seen in the #9 pic, sadly the room we had was a wooden one, which I moved the table to the side and twisted it not having it centralized as soon as I’ve arrived the room since it’s so strange to have a table right in the middle of the room facing the bed and the TV. I mean though not a Feng Shui master, I have this six instinct uncomfortable feeling this is not right . I sent my Mom pics of the hotel once I arrived, first thing she said was also “move that table!”  And of course another thing I had in mind- the BATHTUB. It was like just what I had in mind, spacious, white, marble table, yay!

The length and width of bathtub surprised me as I can lay my whole body in, not crunching like I always do in Japanese bathtub, and sit sideway staring out of the tub with sheet mask on. Well, another thing surprised me was it took me an hour to fill the water, normally I would think a 25-30 mins will do. 😐

Finishing a day, pampering myself in the bathtub with a sheet mask is like an ultimate goal in life. I would always stuff my favorite innisfree green tea mask to moisturize my skin in my luggage, in case my face dry up between places. Make good use the steam from the hot water, besides removing wrinkles from shirts, bathe and get on with mask routine at the same time. It allows the nutrient from the mask penetrate directly to our skin. I was beyond surprise how the steam did the magic work! 

The bed was awesome, neither too hard or soft. I am always worried about buried myself in a soft hotel bed, sleep in with weird nightmare unable to wake up or get myself out of the bed, end up rolling down the bed somehow.

We had a nice Deluxe Double deal with Agoda plus breakfast for 2 for 2 days in our package for around USD160, a very good deal I’m proud to say. The room is shade in a neutral ambiance, surrounded by black wall which in fact are reflecting mirrors, selfie lover can absolutely enjoy their time photographing around. 

It’s always exciting to find a nice place to stay in another town, it gives you a better reason to come next time, because you know you’ll end up somewhere nicely and not anxious about might having a bad travel experience.

Hotel WO is 10 mins breezy walk from MRT City Council(former site) station, and a station and two away from renowned attractions-The Pier 2 Art Center(Yanchengpu Station) and Sizhhwan(Sizhhwan). *Pier 2 Art Center is where we had this scrumptious brunch, read more: Now&Then

My friend Tiffany and I (yes, her name is Tiffany as well..lol) both gave two thumbs up and we’ll definitely choose here for our next stay at Kaoshiung, unless we find somewhere better. We booked with Agoda member deal, keep noted: do sign up as their member, they often emailed discount code and co-op with credit card. I think I did a member deal+credit card deal. (horray). However, if you ever think of booking with AirBnb, here’s my friend referral link:www.airbnb.com.tw/c/tang2?s=8, 25USD off on your first trip, and if wanna know my experience with AirBnb, can head on clicking this link, and read my reviews. 

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Hotel WO 窩飯店

801 高雄市前金區七賢二路394號

07 282 6000


好想念這大理石浴缸~ 沒有什麼比房間飯店有浴缸來的重要。真希望現在可以泡熱呼呼的澡。

這一次去高雄選窩飯店因為被這組照片裡第9張的大理石桌子的照片吸引,雖然最後門一敞開歡迎我的是木頭桌,還擺在正中央面對著床跟電視,就算我不是風水大師,第一直覺是這桌子位置很奇怪,就趕快把桌子移開傾斜的放在角落。到達飯店後傳房間照片給媽媽看,她第一件事也是跟我說「快搬那桌子!」 除這之外當然很快的興奮去瞧另一個重點−浴缸!剛想像中一樣:浴室很寬敞,白淨,大理石洗手台!

浴缸的實際長度與寬度出乎我意料之外,除了可以整個身體躺進去,還可以橫著坐望著透明玻璃敷著面膜看房間的動靜,不會像在日本旅行時有些浴缸很窄,整個身子要縮起來。另一點更出乎意料的是:花了我一小時放滿整個浴缸!平常不是20-30分鐘就可以搞定的事嗎 😐

擺脫一天疲憊,泡熱呼呼的澡再去睡覺大概是人生終極目標之一吧。每一次出門旅行,一定會必備幾片我最喜歡的innisfree 鮮榨綠茶面膜在行李箱裡,肌膚常會因為到了新地方尚不適應起了些變化而乾燥起來,面膜是幫肌膚補水的好方案。也別忘了好好利用泡澡時的水蒸氣,除了可以拉直衣服的皺摺,還可以享受同時敷面膜的樂趣。水蒸氣可以讓面膜的精華液,更徹地的透進肌膚,加倍保濕步驟的效果,幼咪咪就是這樣來的!





我跟我的好朋友Tiffany(對,她也是Tiffany;) ) 都很滿意這一次的住宿,除非我們找到更好的住宿,不然我們下一次來打算揪大家一起住這兒。若想要用AirBnb訂宿,可使用我的好友推薦連結:www.airbnb.com.tw/c/tang2?s=8,第一次使用可省下USD25,想要知道我的AirBnb經驗可按此連結就有我之前到峇里島住宿的分享噢。

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  • Reply Kim January 20, 2016 at 14:47

    Wow that tub is dreamy! It’s a shame it took so long to fill the tub, but it must have been worth it if it was that big 😉
    Sounds like you got a great package deal at a steal of a price!

    • Reply Tiff January 24, 2016 at 18:15

      totally worth it, love how i got that great package deal, hehehe 😉

  • Reply Tiffany January 18, 2016 at 06:56

    omg that bath tub! i would definitely jump in for a relaxing bath! 🙂
    thanks for introducing this hotel Tiff, I always stay in the same Hotel when I’m in Kaohsiung, I’m defiantly trying this one out next time!

    • Reply Tiff January 19, 2016 at 13:32

      you’re welcome dear! i never knew where to stay when i am in Kaoshiung, i had these crappy experiences before and was such a nightmare, thought it’ll be nice to jot it down perhaps someone would need it like– you 😀 and of course that bathtub!!!! x

  • Reply Elizabeth T. January 14, 2016 at 15:03

    The hotel looks so lovely, Tiff! 🙂 Your travels always make me so envious hehehe <3 Hope you're having fun in Taiwan, and stay warm in the chilly weather!

    XO, Elizabeth

    • Reply Tiff January 14, 2016 at 16:06

      haha, come back!!
      i envy the palm trees and beaches in LA as well 😉

  • Reply Style Tomes January 14, 2016 at 06:03

    That bathtub looks and sounds fantastic! We’ll be remodeling our bathroom soon and I’m looking at similar tubs. So zen-like.
    Style Tomes || Style Tomes on Instagram

    • Reply Tiff January 14, 2016 at 16:05

      I should have asked what brand it is and give you some idea. I personally love this bathtub size a lot!

    Leave a Reply