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FARFETCH APP Review & £400 Giveaway

FARFETCH December 31, 2015

Can’t be more excited to receive an email before Christmas, scrolling down to realize my favourite online luxury shop- FARFETCH reached out for a collaboration to review their re-launched FARFETCH APP and a £400 voucher giveaway to readers worldwide.   Never once in my life I thought this kind of things would happen to me and my blog.  I mean, we read that in those named blogger’s blog everyday and FarFetch is based in London and I am in Taipei that’s like 6,087 miles apart, 14-15 hours direct plane.  There’s many online luxury website nowadays, all with a personality like you and me, I came across FarFetch back in 2012, besides having designers apparel, accessories like any other highend websites would have, what caught my eyes was– they have a section introducing “boutique” housing 300  independent designers boutiques around the world. Now, that’s my thing in addition wander around apparel for it’s textile and design, as I enjoyed lost in stylish boutique checking out their hand-pick clothes, not to say find any new name designer on the block.

FarFetch is on IOS under the name “Farfetch Discover”, it’s being relaunched recently being/having:

● It’s faster to browse, easier to search, quicker to checkout

● Weekly edits highlight the best new products and trending categories

● Larger images allow you to see the product’s finer details

● An improved wishlist function lets you save your favourites for later

To begin with, my theory for fashion is “buy classic item”, “buy the textile”, “buy pieces that are worth a life time not the sake of trend”, and “buy the design.”  Fashion is an investment, what you buy speaks of your taste and personality. I breathe to above motto in fashion, because the trench coat, checkered scarf, vara flat, cashmere sweaters my Mom bought back she was in her 20s all lasted till now (she’ll be 60 next year), fortunately I was able to succeed them as we are half inch away in shoes size, yet like mother like daughter, I inherited her style.  Besides studying in Advertising and Public Relations back in school, I also took classes in Textile& Clothing and Fashion Merchandising just to understand behind the scenes what I am wearing. As from here you’ll probably figure out I have a sensitive skin and same goes with clothes I wear. I would always read the materials label carefully regarding the composition and care and always feel the material to find out if it suits my skin. Some clothes for cheap sake use a lot of polyester, which choke our skin made it hard to breathe. Indeed, I am not an impulse shopper as you may guess but sometimes it happened while traveling.  I am used to browse clothes from my laptop as I am so into fabric detail and it’s a must to enlarge the image to its utmost to carefully check the tiny details.  Being a…I won’t say picky, but her own personality about apparel, here let me share with you my review of the app:

  • Layout: Minimal and clean, easy to navigate around
  • Scroller: it can be scroll very fast without a lag (you wouldn’t want shopper get mad not able to see what’s up next)
  • Image: though unable to zoom in, and I don’t think we really need to since there’s 5 images for each item, one with a very close up of the design details, where the textile is obvious, eagle eyes like me love it
  • New in Today/ New in This Week/ Best Seller: Farfetch gets us all cover what’s new on web and what’s trending around the world
  • Workout in Style: my favorite section, and I hope we all really go out there to workout to show off our fashion 😉
  • Boutiques: 300 boutiques around the world to choose from! I thought this section might disappear on app, perhaps not enough space or other reasons, silly of me saying this because this is the biggest highlight of FarFetch, and what make it so special! Anyhow this is the fun part of FarFetch and for traveller. I can be up there for hours wanderlust boutiques around the world. However I would hope the location is being categorized by country then by cities, not directly by cities which made it a bit hard to navigate, and to be honest- hard for travellers to plan their traveling.  And more Asia cities please- Bangkok, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei not on the list yet, and more of Tokyo, I am sure there are new independent designers awaits us in Oriental land. What’s more about the app is- can shop by boutique!
  • Designers: There’s 1707 designers on the list from Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, Alex Perry, Dion Lee, and of course some we are not that familiar with yet, yet they have killer designs that are worth to buy.

I want to share with all my travel wishlist of boutiques to peek out next time:

Los Angeles– the boutique name sounds cool “What Goes Around Comes Around” and the interior of Anastatia

IMG_5681IMG_5679  IMG_5680

Paris- I like to visit places that I am clueless from the outside and get a surprise inside


New York- Jason Wu is a designer from home, upbringing in the US as Alexander Wang. It’ll be a dream to see his pieces in person in New York, along with other Asian designers like Derek Lam. Fleur de Mal neon lingerie is a 21 century inside beauty, and there’s just more to discover in New York besides skyscrapers above.

IMG_5686IMG_5685 IMG_5688IMG_5687IMG_5690IMG_5689

Sofia- specially highlight this boutique, cause I bet in a million years people wouldn’t think there’s boutique out there in Eastern Europe not to say on FarFetch. The warehouse concept of store looks cool.


Sydney- I’ve heard of Alex Perry, Dion Lee from the Next Top Model and they are the hot designers at the southern hemisphere, it’ll be thrilled to see and touch their pret-a-porter in person.




Beside the big name cities, there’s a total of 389 boutiques name around the world housing 1707 designers from San Paolo to Strasbourg on FarFetch now.

Enter your £400 voucher giveaway here, and yes the currency is POUND, don’t let go this good opportunity and pamper yourself for a year of hard work!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tell me what you think about the app and if you found any exotic boutique to check out next time on the road!

Happy New Year everyone! See you 2016!

x Tiff

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  • Reply Julia January 6, 2016 at 19:24

    hey Tiff!
    Just came across you blog, it’s awesome. Thanks for sharing all your travels and experiences!
    I run a blog giving you updates on trends, collections, events and the who is who of the fashion industry.


    • Reply Tiff January 6, 2016 at 22:03

      Thanks Julia for the compliment! I’ll be sure to look more on your site for current trend, thanks for sharing!!! x

  • Reply Elizabeth T. January 2, 2016 at 00:42

    Ohhh the app looks so nice, Tiff! Can’t wait to try it! Hope you had an amazing New Years! <3 😀

    XO, Elizabeth

    • Reply Tiff January 2, 2016 at 19:58

      The app is really nice and cool!!!! Have an amazing New Year too Elizabeth <3

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