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Nothing can beat DINGTAIFUNG

Ding Tai Fung (Taipei 101) December 29, 2015


— weighting each xiaolongbao properly —IMG_5073IMG_5069IMG_5070

— Pork XiaoLongBao —

— Noodles with House Special Spicy Sauce —

— Steamed Taro XiaoLongBao —

— Tom Cruise learned how to make the iconic 18-folds xiaolongbao here at Taipei 101 —
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Ding Tai Fung (Taipei 101)

 B1 No.7, Sec.5, Xin Yi Rd. Taipei, Taiwan, 110, R.O.C (MRT: Taipei 101/World Trade Center Station Exit 4, right next to the exit)

+886 2 8101 7799

The past 2 weeks has been rather busy-relatives from Nanjing, university friends from Hong Kong and ones that move to Hong Kong came to Taipei for visit and though not my first friend getting married worldwide, indeed first here in Taiwan and the first able to attend.  Discovered many new places around Taiwan and how to make the most out of a trip with limited time was what I was chasing for these days on the road.  A lot to write, a lot to share, I’ll be sure to pack you and myself both loaded flipping via 2016.  Surviving from 2 times breathing attack, speaking if I am too exaggerating here, I’ll tell you more when we really get to the Elephant Mountain post, feeling lively at my favourite restaurant in town at Taipei 101, once the world’s tallest building before Burj Khalifa at Dubai came along, indulging good XiaoLongBao can’t be any better after an hour hike.

Ding Tai Fung is my #1 restaurant on the list in Taipei where I take friend from anywhere on this planet comes around, craving for good food with friends, and a time for myself. Of course, I am proud what this restaurant bring about- Michelin 1 star, ambiance, impeccable service, mouthwatering food, not to say- “XiaoLongBao” became an official English vocabulary on dictionary.  And what’s XiaoLongBao? “Delicious steamed soup-filled dumplings”

Look closely, eyes widely, chump scrumptiously, XiaoLongBao is being folded accurately in its signature 18 folds, with endless nights of trying and tasting, 18 is where it’s best at it’s taste and charming looking.  There’s no shortcut to put small dumplings in our mouth. It’s art.

No worries the group is not big to order the 10 pieces Pork XiaoLongBao, they can come in half, in 5 when you have a small crowd like us!  The best way to taste XiaoLongBao is to pour vinegar and soysauce in 3:1 portion with sliced ginger.  Beside XiaoLongBao, I ordered my favorite Noodles with House Special Spicy Sauce, and my friend ordered Noodles with Spicy Sesame and Peanut Sauce, wrapped up with Steamed Taro XiaoLongBao as our dessert which can also come in half with 5 not the 10 also being my all time favorite as well!  When I come by myself, I normally just order the 5 pieces Pork XiaoLongBao, 5 pieces Steamed Taro XiaoLongBao and the Noodles with House Special Spicy Sauce. It’s a Tiffany’s DingTaiFung signature menu my Mom always said. Ha. Always a pleasure eating here.  When I am fortune enough to get my foodie crowd here or with my siblings, we always order the most out of the list- from appetizer Kao Fu (we only get to eat this on Chinese New Year at home as it takes effort to make it), House Steamed Chicken Noodle Soup, Wonton with House Special Spicy Sauce, okay the list can go down very long, oh and the pork chop fried rice is one of their signature dish as well. I always care less about fried rice, I mean it’s just fried rice, but you really can’t beat a fried rice like this and top it with a bit of red vinegar and soy sauce, yum!

The impeccable service comes from their very well-training. Their smile and greet are contagious, not to say how language-friendly they are.  The receptionist recognize immediately we need English speaking staff which we- do not. Obviously my friend is dark complexion American, whose Chinese often blow me away and even speaks Cantonese now as he lives in Hong Kong. He always text me in Chinese and I always text back in English, see how weird this is.  All the staffs at DingTaiFung have mini flag pin below their name tag indicate languages they speak, a very intimate gesture and international friendly restaurant for foreigners.  The restaurant also gives great incentive for staff with language skills, the more language you know, a great start off salary a person can have.  They would always prepare a tote basket to put our belongings and cover it with a cloth, a coat cover to cover jacket/coat, in case any unlikely incident happen I guess.  Chopstick accidentally drop? Not a second without asking for another one, an eagle eye would immediately hand over a new pair of chopstick next to you.  Tea? No worry, they have someone in charge of tea, always filling it full, keeping you away from thirsty.  Perhaps you’re waving at A waiter(ess), they are too busy to see you, but B waiter(ess) from nowhere would come up and ask if you need any help.  I’m always willing to pay the 10% service charge, and I wouldn’t even mind to pay more. I mean it’s a thing to pay service charge in many restaurants, but seriously do they even have service?  This Ding Tai Fung is located inside Taipei101, where they don’t have their own restroom as it’s connected to the department store, however for those independent store restaurant  they have electronic toilet seat, which was the first time I use this kind of toilet and love it ever since. A worker would always standby at the restroom waiting for people to come out, she would go in without an eye blink, clean it, spray it, just like a 5 stars hotel ready for the next person to come. It’s an eye opening WOW with a service like this in a restaurant.

Seriously, nothing can beat Ding Tai Fung, especially their service and food. Oh price? It’s too decent to be true!

Anthony Bourdain say it’s his “pillows of happiness”  What’s more to say?

Come and try some!

鼎泰豐 (台北101)

台北市信義區市府路45號台北101購物中心B1 (捷運:台北101/世貿站 4號出口)

(02) 8101 7799

這兩星期的生活有一點忙碌− 親戚從南京造訪,大學香港同學和在香港工作的大學同學不約而同接二連三的來台北,這些年來世界各地的朋友慢慢步入禮堂,但這一次是第一位台灣朋友結婚及可以與新人們一起參與他們的幸福時刻。  當地陪的這幾天,發現了很多新景點,更別說玩會在有限的時間內將旅行體驗到最大值。有很多要寫的,很多想要跟大家分享的,請敬請期待文章一一上線陪我們一同迎接2016。  度過了兩次呼吸困難⋯⋯這麼說有可能誇張了點,等到寫象山爬山記再一一分享山上發生的事情,下山後能到台北101坐在最喜歡的餐廳裡吃著人間美味有種無比幸福感動感。

鼎泰豐在我的美食名單上排第一,帶來自地球上任何一角落的外國朋友到此、跟好朋友吃好料的道地食趣、享受一個人時光的好地方。當然,也為餐廳擁有米其林一星、活力氛圍、無可挑惕的服務、垂涎三尺的美食、更別說 “XiaoLongBao”成為英文字典裡的正式單字感到無與倫比的驕傲。 

仔細地,瞪大眼看。在無數漫夜的嘗試與失敗下,開啟鼎泰豐寫下傳奇故事扉頁的經典「黃金十八摺」小籠包。十八摺完美地呈現小籠包圓渾飽滿的最佳口感與美感。 想要做出金字招牌小籠包是沒有捷徑的。 這如果不是藝術,什麼是藝術呢。

不用擔心沒有大夥一同分享一籠10粒的小籠包,如果像我們一樣兩個人一起來可以只點半籠,5粒就好了! 品嚐小籠包最好的方式是:以3比1的方式將醋與醬油混著與切絲的薑一同食用。  除了經典小籠包,我點了紅油燃麵、朋友點了擔擔麵,最後以芋泥小籠包滿足甜食味蕾。當然芋泥小籠包也可以只點半籠,一樣也是5粒噢!  自己來的時候,通常就點半籠小籠包,半籠芋泥小籠包,一碗紅油燃麵,媽媽都笑說這是我的經典菜單,當然囉⋯⋯這是我的最愛!  若很幸運可以跟我的吃貨朋友們或姊姊弟弟來時,我們通常會盡情的點,從開胃菜烤麩開始(這一道我們只有過年時吃得到,需要花點時間與工夫製作)、元盎雞湯麵、紅油抄手,好吧,再寫下去會寫不完,真的太長了!噢但特別要提的是招牌排骨蛋炒飯。說真的,我很不以為意蛋炒飯,畢竟就是蛋炒飯嘛! 但鼎泰豐的蛋炒飯真的要來試一試,別忘了加點紅醋跟醬油,超級好吃!

無可挑惕的服務來自他們徹底的教育訓練。感染力的微笑與親切的服務,更別說是多麼的語言友善餐廳。  一進餐廳領檯馬上發現我們需要英語服務員因為我朋友是膚色較深的美國人,但說實在我們不需要會講英文的人,因為朋友的中文好到常嚇到我,更別說現在在香港工作還說著一口廣東話。他每一次都傳中文訊息給我,而我都用英文回,應該有感受到這奇怪的程度了吧!  每一位鼎泰豐的服務員都會有小國旗別在他們名牌下意謂服務員會說的語言,很親切的舉動,友善外國旅客來餐廳。當然我們也知道鼎泰豐已良好的福利出名,會的語言越多,起薪越高。  另外一定會準備收納袋讓我們放置包包再用布遮起來,衣服套保護外套或大衣,我想大概是防止衣服和包包被粗心的我們波及到什麼吧!  筷子掉了?還沒轉過身問服務人員,一雙鷹眼已發現剛剛的事情,馬上遞上一雙新的來。  茶沒了?別擔心,有人是負責茶水,一直巡邏著看茶杯有沒有滿,一定不讓你感到口渴的。  有可能向A服務員揮手他太忙沒看到,不知從哪來的B服務員會馬上出現在眼前詢問有沒有需要協助的地方。  我每一次都很願意付10%的服務費,更不在意要多付,說真的,很多要求要付服務費的餐廳根本連服務都沒有呢!  這一間鼎泰豐位於台北101裡,沒有自己的洗手間因與百貨公司連在一起,但那些獨立店面的餐廳洗手間都是免治馬桶,第一次的免治馬桶回憶就獻給鼎泰豐。處此之外,洗手間裡一定會有一位阿姨,在客人離開洗手間之後,以不眨眼的速度馬上進廁所,清理,就如同五星飯店的洗手間一般。 實在是無法不讚嘆一間餐廳可以有這樣的服務!

真的,沒有可以與鼎泰豐旗鼓相當的餐廳,無論從服務與食物說起。價格呢? 物超所值!


我想不用再多說了吧! 快來嚐嚐吧!

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  • Reply tforia June 15, 2016 at 21:07

    I miss going there. Really delicious food. Even for vegetarians.

  • Reply Mitzie Mee January 30, 2016 at 23:04

    Looks so delicious! I really want to try the DTF in Taipei 101 someday.:)

    • Reply Tiff February 5, 2016 at 13:30

      DTF in 101 is spacious, remember to get the number before walk around to other places as it always takes half to an hour to queue

    • Reply Tiff April 3, 2016 at 15:30

      I brought friend visit DTF these days, and they said Taipei taste the best…
      haha… I guess I am very proud of DTF as it’s really one of my fav restaurant in town 😀

  • Reply Kim January 15, 2016 at 12:40

    Ahhh! They have Din Tai Fung in Korea to and I looooove going there! Xiaolongbao is the bomb! I always have to remind myself that there is hot liquid insides because it’s so tempting just to pop them in your mouth haha!

    • Reply Tiff January 19, 2016 at 13:12

      WOW I didn’t know that they have it in Korea! Same here a friendly reminder to myself in advance get burned in the mouth, too good not to eat them in a second isn’t it 😛 x

  • Reply Deepti January 3, 2016 at 20:44

    They have just opened up a branch and the food is incredible! I love it had have been a few times already!

    I write Mademoiselle Meets Maquillage and Macaroons and I would love for you to give it a read. Maybe we can follow each other on Bloglovin?

    Deepti x

    • Reply Tiff January 6, 2016 at 21:40

      Woo, i’ve heard! I am glad you enjoyed it!!!! I LOVE it as well, haha.
      Your blog is amazing nice, I’ll be sure to follow your Dubai adventure 🙂 x

  • Reply Shirlyn December 30, 2015 at 15:19

    I love Din Tai Fung, and my favorite is the 蟹粉小籠包 . I’ve been to the flagship store at Xinyi Road, Taipei. The wait was about 2 hours, but it was well worth it! I can’t wait for the store in my area to open up in Spring 2016.

    • Reply Tiff December 30, 2015 at 18:19

      I heard more store plans to open next year, can’t wait to see what await the Bay Area!
      The 蟹粉小籠包 is really really good 😉
      I went to the XinYi Road Store a lot when I was little (well, there was only that 1 store back then as well), the interior has changed a lot, yet food still the same: GOOD!
      Thanks for stopping by Shirlyn! Wish you have a great time celebrating the holidays and Happy New Year! x

  • Reply Vicky December 30, 2015 at 13:45

    Oh I really like Ding Tai Fung’s 小籠包 too! I’ve never been to the one in Taiwan haha; the ones here in LA always has a super long line but totally worth the wait.

    Hope you have a Happy New Year!

    • Reply Tiff December 30, 2015 at 18:16

      The queue is worth to wait here in Taipei as well 😀
      Happy New Year Vicky! Have a great time celebrating the holiday!

  • Reply Elizabeth T. December 29, 2015 at 14:24

    Ding Tai Fung is one of my absolute faves as well, Tiff <3 😀 Haha there's 2 locations near where I live (a 3rd is about to open soon and I can't wait), and every time I go, the wait is more than an hour! Their 小籠包 is really one of the best that I've tasted, so the long line is definitely worth it! I'd love to visit the one in Taiwan one day 🙂 I'm sure it'll taste even better hahah! Hope you're having a great holiday!

    XO, Elizabeth

    • Reply Tiff December 30, 2015 at 18:13

      Woo that’s exciting! #3 store open in LA!
      It’s actually a long queue here in Taipei as well, fortunate this time we only waited for 40 mins at Taipei 101. It’s alright though cos we hang around the mall, walked to the top then to the basement and it was about time 🙂
      小籠包 makes me cry of Do try it when you are in Taipei, a friend in VAN who always drove 2 hours to Seattle said Taipei ones still taste better.
      Happy New Year Elizabeth!

    Leave a Reply