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6 Travel App To Go in ASIA

Asia October 25, 2015

It makes me really hungry or wanting to travel to Japan real bad as I went over my Japan posts and food post I, II, III, and there are really still a few more to come, however would want to take a break to share with you some gadgets app to download when traveling in Asia. (Am I speaking anyone’s mind with the food post? LOL)

Traveling in Asia is very different than in the US or in Europe, as most countries speaks widely different languages, not to say the written characters look all so amazingly in their own stylish way as well. Whereas, sometimes there maybe a bit of language barrier, but with below apps, I hope you’ll find it useful when searching for accommodation, looking for food, tours, fun things to do in diversity Asia 🙂 And of course, they all have− English!

I know you might be wondering isn’t Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian all different? Yes, they are, however you might be able to get by as Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian might be simliar in some way; and Russian besides being able to use in Russia, can be use in some other Eastern Europe countries as well!

1. AirBnb

I couldn’t agree more by the fact AirBnb immerse us to the foreign country immediately of having a place to ourself, to live like the local, to meet the host with their special story (read: my first AirBnb attempt at Bali). Besides finding a home at AirBnb, the fare range of the housing can also give you a better picture of accommodation in this foreign country as AirBnb has an average housing fare scale. Take my next destination Manila, Philippines as an example. I am a boring girl who browse AirBnb on my free time daydreaming of going to places faraway or checking around the interior design (I bet some of you do that?), for my PH trip, I pretty much looked through all the houses on AirBnb, and realized it wasn’t worth what I had in mind within the money and the bed- yes the bed, most of the flat wrote they could have 4ppl in the house, however the bed for #3 and #4 person would be on sofa air mattress bed . Um, I don’t think we wanna pay for sofa bed on a vacation. SO I higher my budget a bit to luxury 5 class hotel as some luxury hotel in Asia are quite affordable comparing those in NYC or Paris or London, and here I went opting hotel price range and further found some really nice service apartment in the area.  I end up booking this gorgeous loft in downtown Makati at Salcedo Village called Citadines Salcedo, within the Ascott Group. The reason I booked it? This pool at the center of the city jungle skyscraper, and a lovely loft to have a “I have a home” in this busy city.  The Ascott have really great accommodation around the world, I hope to stay at one of their other houses someday soon!

Conclusion: Use AirBnb to check for the exotic destination accommodation range, if the quality on AirBnb doesn’t meet your budget, can consider to higher budget a bit for a better living!  (I am not saying AirBnb isn’t good if anyone mistaken my above message here! I am an #AirBnB person, and can’t wait to stay and meet more people with it around the world!)

*Share love to new friends, you can redeem NT650 (20USD) off on your first AirBnb trip with this ultimate link: www.airbnb.com.tw/c/tang2?s=8  😉

* I think I shared a peek of my next coming trip this winter, I can’t wait to go to Manila after we left there since I was 10.

If anyone has any suggestion or recommend must go or eat place, please do share me!!!!!! We are going to Bohol, Manila, and Makati 🙂

I am so looking forward for lechon, garlic rice, fresh urchin, Spanish tapa!


One of my fav app these days, as a very boring girl besides surfing on AirBnb, you might find her here as well!!!!! It’s a start-up from exotic Bangkok, Thailand and I love the concept of it since it really solve many travelers’ problem.

It’s a last minute booking app within hotels in Asia (and yes it includes Australia and New Zealand!). I don’t recalled we have such things here in Asia, that’s why I think it’s such a big thing and money saver. Hotel wants to fill up their room and customer wants to find great deal, in despite in most cases hotel higher their price on last minute booking, hella no here where they give great discounts! and I often find hidden gems here:

Jeju Aerospace Hotel at Jeju-do, Korea: living in the middle of Seogwan Green Tea Field where it produces the green tea of O’Sulloc and renowned innisfree green tea series (my fav beauty brand!). It’s really located in a remote area as I read reviews on Trip Advisor and other booking sites, but can feel the ray of sunshine, scent the fresh green tea early morning, stare at sparkling constellation at night.

Frangipani Green Garden Hotel and Spa at Siem Reap, Cambodia: an oasis, chill vibe in the tropical Indo-China, and there are other listing under the Frangipani Villa Group with different fare range, not sure when I’ll step foot in Cambodia, but I know I’ll be there one day!

*Share love to new friends, you can redeem NT400 (12USD) off on your first Hotel Quickly booking with this ultimate code: TANGU1

3. Uber, DidiKuadi, GrabTaxi

Above mention are all transportation app like Uber, which I am sure many of you are familiar with.

Uber– Taipei is the 2nd city in Asia they launched, of course encounter endless law issue as in other countries, on another hand, in a good way as I would consider- it push the old taxi system out of their comfort zone, which they are still getting used to and finding their new way out. And it’s cheaper than taxi, my fav transportaion in the city. But I encounter something so I don’t know how to explain in words- when only me or having 2 ppl on the car, I always get a big car, however if 4 ppl wants to take it, I always get a very small car; when I app for my grandparent? They always get big car that are high, hard for elderly to climb on….and we always have to push them a bit…..C’est la vie! (AirBnb 1st blogger event with Uber are here and here)

**Share love to new friends, you can redeem NT200 (6USD) off on your first Uber ride with this ultimate code: 1a7as

DidiKuadi– I’ve not used it yet, but it’s a must to have it with you when you are in China- the biggest taxi app in the country. Can’t really say it’s a taxi app, cos it also have car-pool, premium car, bus-ride, the variety is diverse in trying to meet their large audience in China and solving their daily problem. One thing I heard it’s so cool and one of the taxi driver’s problem is: they want to head to A area where home is, and wish to take customer whose destination is same way on his way home (think about how big the city in China is and you’ll know why they want to take someone going the same route as them). A driver once refuse to take customer just cos the customer want to go to B area, which is totally an opposite faraway place, and received a big fine due to refusing driving customer to the place they wish, this story happen prior the app was launched. One of the feature of DidiKuadi is: after the customer enter their destination on the app, the driver can choose whether they want to take this customer or not through their destination! How cool is that!

GrabTaxi: If you have ever been to South East Asia, I never understand it since little is that: the road are mostly crappy road, with lots of humps and humps and humps, and bad bad bad traffic! In fact some household have even more than one car. Not being exaggerating, I recalled when we were there when I was little- if there are 5 members(parents and 3 kids) in the house not counting the children can’t not drive, there maybe 3 or 4 cars in a house! Philippines has a rule of plate number ends with 0-1 are prohibited to go on the road on Monday, whereas 2-3 on Tuesday and then it goes on, not sure if it still apply now, however here you might have a picture in mind why they have so many cars in the house is to change their car plate or to let everyone has a car, and try to reduce the traffic and air pollution! Everyone as in mean their might be a van for the big family go on trip on weekend, car for the mom and dad individually, a car for the driver to take maid to shop for food or kids to school…..and I would suppose this is one of the reason SEA has bad traffic- too many cars on the road, and where GrabTaxi step in to solve the mighty problem.

I haven’t used this app either, but it’s a big thing in South East Asia, be sure to check it out!!!!


KLOOK from Hong Kong, KKDAY from Taiwan, both of them are newly start-up offering local unique travel tours worldwide! When planning backpack or self-tour, don’t hesitate to check what’s up there since most of the tour are very unique, like cooking class or helicopter over looking Seoul or New York.  I have friends in both place, they welcome anyone who know any tour, or if you are a host, don’t hesitate to collaborate with them!

5. FoodPanda

This is for lazy person, some one like me who doesn’t have time or don’t want to travel all the way to the city to grab a meal or want to have all sorts of restaurants potluck at home, hahaha (My Mom cooks super good meal, above happens when she doesn’t want to cook..lol). It’s a food delivery site of many restaurant: have to enter your location on the app first to search the restaurants that can deliver to your area, have a minimum of ordering rate, have delivery rate, choose your meal and off you have your meal in an hour! I used it the other day when craving for Falafel in Taipei, I ordered Sababa Pita, the best Middle-East food in town, and it’s one of the new restaurant listing on FoodPanda whereas there was an offer of no delivery rate and a code for first time app user….it was even cheaper than going to the restaurant, and can lazy lie around the house thinking about the good Falafel in Paris.

6. Google Translate

The current Google Translate has been updated to a cool version contains “camera and audio” selection. How to use the camera: let your Google translate camera, not your phone’s built-in camera to scan the words or sentences you want to translate. It worked well when I was in Japan with my colleague, when those Japanese high school boys were too shy to answer us when we asked what was said on the wishing note we prayed at the shrine.  How to use the audio: press the microphone to record your sentence, it’ll translate within seconds. I tried it with a Spanish family friend this summer, we said all kinds of weird, strange, funny or cusing things to test if it really can translate correctly from ES-CH, CH-ES, ES-EN, EN-ES, EN-CH, and CH-EN. 10 out of 9 the camera and audio are not too bad, however sometimes it might slightly translate to something a bit strange, nevertheless the summary and outline might still be correct and can still somehow guess it!


Here you go: 6 travel must have apps in Asia! What else do you wonder in Asia and would like to know about it?


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每一次看之前寫的日本旅遊文與食記I, II, III都讓我半夜想要開啟深夜食堂模式(有說進任何人的心坎裡嗎 XD),日本旅遊文還有幾篇待寫當中⋯⋯但先休息片刻來看看:來亞洲旅行時,哪一些是必下載的旅行app呢?


我想你有可能在想西班牙、德文、發文、義大利文、俄羅斯文不也都很不一樣嗎? 是這樣說沒有錯,但是西班牙文、葡萄牙文、法文、義大利文有可能在某種層面上有其相似度因來自同一個語系;而俄文除了在俄羅斯可以使用之外,一些東歐或波羅的海三小國也是會說俄文噢!

1. AirBnb

AirBnb是在旅行時,一個可以讓旅行者快速融入當地生活、過著當地人的生活步調、認識房東了解當地文化與故事的第一步我第一次使用AirBnb旅行的故事在這兒 。除了從AirBnb找尋住宿,也可以使用裡面的「價格範圍」功能來來了解當地住宿的平均價格,讓自己心裡有一個底那裡的物價是如何。每當我無聊在做白日夢時都會上AirBnb找尋下一個旅遊住宿或是欣賞不同國家文化的室內設計(我想愛旅行的你,也會做這一件事情吧?!) 以我下一個旅遊地點馬尼拉・菲律賓為例,我看了全部的住宿後發現:跟我期望的價格與床鋪差了可遠,為什麼說是床呢? 有些地方雖然都說可以住4個人,但仔細一看第3、4位房客是要睡在沙發床上⋯⋯我可不希望好好的假期睡在沙發床上,所以提高了預算到5星飯店的價格。許多5星飯店在亞洲的價格很合理跟紐約市、巴黎、倫敦相較之下是非常的親民。因此開始搜尋5星飯店,也發現當地有幾間很精緻的公寓式酒店。 最後是訂了在Makati市區Salcedo Village裡的 Citadines Salcedo, 隸屬於 Ascott 集團 選擇訂這裡的理由是:在萬樹叢林的城市旁的慵懶泳池,以及擁有有一間自屬在這城市的溫暖樓中樓。 Ascott集團在世界各地有許多精緻、設計型住宿,希望有一天也可以有機會到其他間住住看!

結論:使用AirBnb的價格範圍來了解當地住宿價格,如果裡面刊登的住宿沒有達到你心中的期望值,可以考慮將預算拉高一點以擁有更棒的假期體驗!(我不是在說AirBnb不好噢,若有人誤會我上面的意思~ 我可是#AirBnb的粉絲,也迫不及待想要使用它到更多地方旅行,認識更多人)

*當然有好康一定也要跟大家說,若使用這連結第一次訂AirBnb可以享有NT650 的折扣: www.airbnb.com.tw/c/tang2?s=8  😉


若有人有建議或推薦哪些好玩,好吃的地方,請不要吝嗇的分享噢~ 我們要去薄荷島、馬尼拉、還有Makati  🙂


這是我近期最歡的app− 我不是在AirBnb的路上就是在Hotel Quickly上! 這是一間由在曼谷・泰國新創公司所開發的最新程式,我很喜歡他們的理念,因為解決了許多旅行者在旅行上一定會碰到的一個大問題。

這是一個−「最後一分鐘訂房網站」,飯店遍佈於亞洲也包含澳洲與紐西蘭。覺得它非常棒的理由是亞洲沒有這樣的平台,更何況飯店希望在最後幾天將空房填滿,而旅行者更是希望可以在突如其來的旅行,可以找到價格超值的住宿;但通常事與願違,因為飯店總是會在最後一刻將價格拉高,但在Hotel Quickly上,除了可以知道哪些飯店還有空房,更還有值回票價的獨家折扣! 有時在上面晃晃,還會找到一些隱藏版的好住宿:

Jeju Aerospace Hotel  濟州島・韓國:位於濟州島西廣茶園旁,西廣茶園是產韓國最知名綠茶店O’Sulloc的園區,更是我最愛的保養品牌innisfree綠茶系列的成分來源。看了網路上Trip Advisor與其他住宿網站的評價後,可以發現這飯店地點比較偏僻,但是可以感受新鮮日出的陽光氣息、聞香綠茶園、夜晚時更有滿天的星空伴著入睡。

Frangipani Green Garden Hotel and Spa 暹粒・柬埔寨:中南半島上充滿慵懶活力、熱浪裡的一片綠洲,隸屬於Frangipani Villa Group,旗下還有其他間不同等級價格不同的住宿型態可以做選擇。雖然還不知道什麼時候會造訪柬埔寨,但我知道我的護照上有一天會蓋上那裡的入境印章!

*當然有好康一定也要跟大家說,若使用這組碼第一次訂Hotel Quickly 可以享有NT400  的折扣: TANGU1 😉

3. UberDidiKuadiGrabTaxi

以上提到的交通app 都跟UBER很相似,我也相信你們也了解UBER是什麼。

Uber– 選台北為進軍亞洲的第二個城市,如在其他國家上市一樣遇到許多法律上的問題,但往好處想−將原有一成不變的計程車市場經營模式推向一個新的領域,當然這些計程車產業還在適應與找尋新的模式中。更何況以目前來說比計程車便宜,也沒有因時段關係還有加成,是我近期最喜歡的代步工具。但我總是碰到一件很讓人哭笑不得的事:只有我1人或是2人搭乘時,來的車子都是超大;若幫4人叫車時,來的都是小車;幫我外公外婆叫車時,來的都是又大又高的車,每一次都需要幫老人家推一把,他們才有辦法爬上車⋯⋯:|  C’est la vie

(AirBnb 第一次部落客活動、UBER協辦的文章在這裡還有這裡)

**當然有好康一定也要跟大家說,若使用這組碼第一次搭Uber 可以享有NT200  的折扣: 1a7as 😉

滴滴快的– 我還沒有使用過,但所有去中國或是在中國的朋友都說這是必下載的−它是全中國最大的叫車網站,這網站不限於我們所認為的計程車,還有共乘、高檔車等各式各樣服務以服務中國龐大人口的搭車需求。之前聽了一個故事是這樣的:有一位計程司機因為不想要承載目的地與其想要回家方向是天差地北的乘客(想像一下中國城市的規模大小與路況),所以拒載這一名客人,卻吃了一張很大的罰單⋯⋯這是滴滴快的上市之前,許多計程車司機面臨的困饒。滴滴快的有一項特別的功能:乘客輸入上車與下車地點,司機可以根據乘客的下車地點來選擇是否要載這一位乘客! 所謂⋯⋯有錢但不一定想要賺的道理!

GrabTaxi: 如果你去過東南亞,這也是我小時候住在東南亞時一直很不解的狀況:東南亞的路很爛、很爛、很爛,更別說還很顛頗! 更何況有些家庭擁有的車數不只1台。這不是誇大,但真有其事,印象中有些家庭,擁有駕照的雖然只有2位家長還不包含3位小孩噢,但家裡會出現3-4台車!另外菲律賓還有個規定,不知道現在還有沒有在實行就是,車牌末碼的號碼是0-1星期一不能在路上行駛,2-3星期二,以此類推⋯⋯從這可以想像實行這計畫就是希望可以減少車流量、空氣污染,但也可以發現很多家庭會每天出門前將車牌拆下來搬來搬去。所謂每一位家庭成員都有車是指:爸媽各有一台,司機有一台載傭人去買菜、小朋友上下學,一台大的休旅車週末帶大家出去玩⋯⋯我想這有可能也是東南亞交通很爛的原因之一,GrabTaxi看上東南亞人口龐大這一點來解決大家每天必抱怨的一件事情。我還沒有使用過這個app,但若你要到東南亞旅行,可別忘了下載試試看噢!



5. FoodPanda

懶懶人,或像我太忙或懶得跑到市區找食物,想要在家裡吃各餐廳potluck饗宴時,可以使用這一個應用程式。(我媽煮超棒的一桌菜,以上所說狀況會發生在她沒煮菜的時候⋯⋯哈哈哈)  這是一間美食快遞公司:輸入你所在地點來搜尋哪一些餐廳可以外送到所在外置,有最低訂購餐點價格,有快遞費,點好你想要吃的美食佳餚,一小時多就會送到你的嘴巴前! 前幾天因為好想要吃Falafel就點了Sababa Pita,台北最棒的中東料理,它是FoodPanda近期新合作的餐廳,所以免外送服務費,我還輸入給新app使用者的專屬代碼,我蠻驚訝比去餐廳吃還更便宜,還可以在家滾來滾去想著巴黎最好吃的Falafel.

6. Google Translate

近期更新版的Google Translate有「相機掃瞄與影音」兩個超酷功能選項。怎麼使用相機掃瞄功能:打開Google Translate 裡的相機,不是自己手機的內建相機噢,然後將鏡頭對準想要掃瞄被翻譯的單字與句子。這功能我跟我同事在日本有使用過−當那些日本男高中生太害羞不敢跟解釋我們求的籤上面說什麼的時候 😐  如何使用影音功能:按Google Translate裡的麥克風,說出想要翻譯的字,不到幾秒想要翻譯的字或句子會一個個跑出來。這暑假我跟一位西班牙朋友測試,我們說了各式各樣奇怪、好笑、俚語俗語、髒話、正常的句子,從西翻中、中翻西、西翻英、英翻西、中翻英、英翻中。我們測試的結果是:無論是相機掃瞄或是影音功能,Google 90%翻譯的內容都不會太差,就算翻到讓人囧掉時,大概還是可以從翻的內容猜出要講什麼。

以上是在亞洲旅行時必下載的6款app! 有什麼其他想要知道有關在亞洲旅行的內容嗎?


如果喜歡文章可以分享給更多需要的朋友 🙂   保持聯繫 @Facebook @bloglov’in

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  • Reply Shaira Manalo November 5, 2015 at 20:44

    Wow, this is very helpful. I’m actually currently looking for cheap flights in Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Beijing for our trip next year. Hopefully it will push through. Thank you for these. I’m sure we’ll be able to use this 🙂

    Have a nice day!


    • Reply Tiff November 5, 2015 at 21:57

      Hi Shaira, I am glad it helps you out.
      For cheap airline around above places you mention, here is my suggestion:
      South East Asia: AirAsia, FlyScoot, NokAir, CebuPacific
      East Asia: AirAsia, Peach(mostly Japan), Jeju/Air Busan (if you go to Korea)…not sure if there are any other cheap airline in China
      above airline i’ve only taken AirAsia, yet I’ve heard great feedback from others as well from friends
      hope it helps your travel plan 🙂

  • Reply Tiffany November 4, 2015 at 00:58

    oh wow, i didn’t know that google translate now has video and image function! this is so much better. i’ve been eager to try Airbnb for a while, been hearing so many amazing reviews of it..will definitely give it a go next time i travel. thanks for sharing Tiffany 🙂

    • Reply Tiff November 5, 2015 at 00:21

      google translate is very very cool indeed! ha, give a try AirBnb next time on your trip, you’ll love it after your first try!

  • Reply Corina Nika November 3, 2015 at 17:15

    I’ve wanted to travel to Asia for like ever! I’m bookmarking this one for when the day comes. Thank you!

    • Reply Tiff November 5, 2015 at 00:18

      Haha! I am sure you’ll get to visit Asia soon after bookmarking it 😉

  • Reply Atsuna Matsui November 2, 2015 at 00:12

    This is such an amazing and helpful posts! Thanks for this. I’ll definitely use this as reference next time I make a trip to Asia again.


    • Reply Tiff November 5, 2015 at 00:17

      Glad it’ll help you plan your trip when you come to Asia next time! 🙂

  • Reply Diana October 27, 2015 at 04:16

    I love staying with AirBnB, even my hubby doesnt like it, but I have fun! Great tips. Never heard about other apps. Used to live in South Korea


    • Reply Tiff October 28, 2015 at 20:22

      Thanks for stopping by Diana!
      Some of these are actually quite new in Asia, or have been around for a while, but have much attention in one region than the other, so it’s pretty usual if they are unheard of 🙂
      and I am sure there are neat thing in South Korea too, like KaKao Talk/ KaKao Taxi 😀

  • Reply Elizabeth T. October 27, 2015 at 01:39

    I was so amazed when Google Translate first introduced that camera function 😀 It’s amazing!
    Haha thank you so much for sharing these amazing apps <3 They're super helpful!

    XO, Elizabeth

    • Reply Tiff October 28, 2015 at 20:20

      Same here Elizabeth! With AWE!!!!!!
      Hope you get to use some of these someday soon when you come back to Asia 😉

  • Reply annie lee October 26, 2015 at 12:07

    i actually didn’t know google translate now has camera function. how cool is that!! who needs to speak foreign language when you can just google it, right? LOL these are really helpful. i use uber, airbnb and foodpanda a lot 🙂

    • Reply Tiff October 28, 2015 at 20:19

      Isn’t it neat! hahaha … Google pretty much does all the work for us nowadays
      Yay, same here uber, airbnb, and foodpanda is my thing
      Have you ever heard of Hotel Quickly living in BKK? I mean its from there, and I heard ppl knew it in South East Asia..their exposure is more in that area

  • Reply Angelina October 26, 2015 at 11:37

    These are all such useful apps! I’ve only used AirBnb before, and it’s definitely saved me a lot of money. I love that Google Translate has photos now, trying to write Chinese to translate was always very difficult for me.

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’

    • Reply Tiff October 28, 2015 at 20:16

      Hey Angelina, thanks for stopping by!
      Haha, yes, it indeed save the time of writing all those complicated Chinese character! A scan would do all the work for you:)

  • Reply sileas October 26, 2015 at 00:04

    That was very interesting and helpful! How convenient traveling can be these days , it’s amazing… Btw Bohol is lovely! Don’t miss Panglao Beach, they have some good restaurants and the beach is gorgeous!

    • Reply Tiff October 28, 2015 at 20:14

      Love the traveling resources out there these days!!! Got your message Sileas, I have planned for Panglao Beach, we are gonna go island hopping and snorkeling! 😀

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