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Where Dreams Come True October 19, 2015





IT’S ONE OF THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE, a sentence to summarize my trip.  I couldn’t be more than happy to spend this special day with my 3 best friends, and they are just the right people to spend this magical day with.  My Mom brought my sis here when she was 3-4, she recalled they didn’t get to go on a lot of ride due to age or height restriction, and thing would always come up when you are bringing a kid, which is a big reason I’ve never gone to Tokyo or Tokyo Disneyland till now.  One thing my Mom highlighted was: kid and adult see things differently, let’s say kids would exclaimed when they see Anna and Elsa (well, i would exclaimed too and sing LET IT GO by heart!), who are recent’s kids’ popular, however they perhaps won’t have that much of an affection with PeterPan, Dumbo, Aladdin, Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty or The Lion King who grew up with us, and that I was very blessed to spend the day with friends that knew every detail of each movie plot and could share and exclaimed about.  The rides were beyond my expectation, I had this- I think it’s gonna end, but no it went on and on…longer than what I had in mind, and we had so much fun shouting, laughing our heads off!

I think the worst was we took the Big Thunder Mountain after dinner, and all 4 of us nearly throw up, it was not the slow kiddo rollercoaster we had in mind, nevertheless we packed loads of scream back to the city, MONSTERS INC would definitely love it. (tip: don’t go on a rollercoaster ride after dinner! (duh!!!))

I won’t detail which ride is my favorite as they are all unique with full of surprises combining technology and dreams all in one place.  Come and explore the magic land!  The park is really too big to explore in a day, I missed the attractions in the back, for I guess it’s a one big reason I should visit again soon!

Below is an efficient guide of “A day in Tokyo Disneyland ”, I hope you enjoy it and found it useful, and my little dream is to be back in Disneyland during the holiday season like Halloween or Christmas ❤️

“If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.” — Cinderella


“A day in Tokyo Disneyland” Guide

“Be Prepared”- Lion King

  • The ticket: suggest to buy ticket online to avoid long queue in the park
  • The map: get the brochure map in your language- it’s in Chinese, English, Japanese prior getting in, to plan your nice day out and where to go, or simply plan first online with this map to run for your first FASTPASS (What’s FASTPASS? Read below second part)
  • The Daytime& Nighttime Parade/ Happiness on High/ Once Upon a Time: There are parades in the afternoon and the evening. We saw the afternoon and Frozen parade, however missed out the evening one cos we had to choose between to get our stomach filled (endless waiting line for restaurant) or to watch the parade. I get hangry (hungry+angry) when I starve, same with my friends, and that’s the reason we sacrifice the evening parade. (sob)  And the Happiness on High firework I’ve awaited for a long while? Let’s just say it was too windy for the weather to have firework, WTF…I went banana when I heard it, oh well, here’s to #2 & #3 reason I should be back soon.  My Once Upon a Time? I just saw a glimpse of Elsa on the castle… and that’s all.  I wasn’t aware of the time cos I was at the gift shop wandering around 🙁
  • The cash and credit card: get’em all here- visa, mastercard, Yen, you’ll need them for meals and gift shops!
  • The connectable Internet: we brought 2 travel wifi travel router with us (travel router: it create a portable WiFi hot-spot from a wired network connection to share with all of your wireless devices), and 2 teams can contact each other when they are apart
  • The time: Disneyland is pretty much a whole day event, it opens at 8am(check the calendar before you come) with people piling in with lines and lines of q from 7:30am. We felt we were the last one arriving at 7:50am.  I seriously consider this as a workout day, tons of walk, never-ending loving walks!!!!

“Say what you wish  It’s yours! True dish”- Aladdin

  1. FASTPASS: it is a system that lets you minimize the amount of time waiting in line at certain attractions by assigning you a specific time to enter the attraction. To receive a FASTPASS ticket, just go to the FASTPASS ticketing machines near the entrance of the FASTPASS attraction you want to ride and hold your Passport ticket under the reader. Then return during the time period printed on the FASTPASS ticket and enjoy the attraction without the wait. (Be aware FASTPASS is also limited!) *How to work it efficiently:  I’d say there should be a Runner in the group like Min Ho, there were 4 of us, we split into 2, with 2 as the Runner group to get our next FASTPASS, and the other 2 as the fast-motion walking group toward our next ride which doesn’t need FP. We were always half way through the line when the Runner group came back, and just in time for the FP ride when this ride is finish.
  2. Food: when I think of food in amusement park, they all tend to come in “expensive and unappetizing.”  Much to our surprise, forgetting about the price part(seriously I can’t recall if they were alright or expensive), food in Tokyo Disneyland were awesome! We even got the same 2 hotdogs that’s pictured above!(very juicy!) Same with fries! (I think food in Japan are generally good, no flawless have I found yet)
  • Popcorn: is another thing people go wild in this dreamland. There are many popcorn stand in unexpected place, mostly along the way to rides, and all come in different flavors-sweet& sour with disney character boxes like the aliens above for dreamers to take home as souvenir.  The queue is longer during the morning compare to the evening, however if you are a popcorn lover: time would never come in your way 😛
  • Sweet: comes in all character form from ice cream and cute Toy Story aliens mochi, as said above food are good in here, and Japanese ice cream-they are rich than ever. (well, not richer than those in the country side or dairy farm of course!)
  • Breakfast: have breakfast at your accommodation or bring it along with you, we had breakfast while waiting for the amusement park to open, had our fuel ready and ran for our first ride. (I think Disneyland should have a 100m run contest, everyone is such a good runner, lol)
  • Lunch: we had our hotdogs outside World Bazzar, where we also spotted the afternoon parade.
  • Dinner: think first where you want to dine in, as everyone rush for dinner at the same time after the Frozen parade (i think it’s a limited winter edition parade, anyway it’s the parade around 4pm), suggest to get a reservation prior parade(if can), or watch parade somewhere near the restaurant so you’ll win the race to the restaurant.
  1. Gift Shop: the wildest place in the whole Disneyland as if people have never seen a pen or pencil before. It’s pretty crazy in Taiwan cos when people know you are going to the dreamland, they’ll order all sorts of things wanting you to buy, ugh..I think that is such a burden. I got a super duper cute Donald Duck hat in the morning and accompanied me the whole day, on top of that, it save me from headache when it got really chilly in the evening, thanks Donald!
  • There are many shops around Disneyland, they sell different kinds of kawaii thing, just get what you want, don’t regret cos you may not find it in the next shop. (Careful impulsive shopper)
  • Dreamland closes at 10pm, however visitors still hunt through the aisle and shelfs after 10 till almost 1030-11pm.
  • We thought the most evil part was after we were out of this place that torn our pockets apart, there is an even bigger and much completeness merchandise gift shop right outside of the park exit, before we hop on the train.  And of course, people started dashing in and searched for items they had regretted not buying a while back, and this would be someone’s another pocket tearing story.
  • I got myself a cushion, towel warmer, postcard, and pens. Well, I thought they were pens, and even shared it with my colleagues, not until I wanted to use it one day and realized they were “eraser.” You have no idea how I exclaimed when I realized what I got and gave it to my colleagues. 🙁  And postcard? I wrote on the spot and mailed it in wonderland which came in my mail after a month with Olaf stamp!!!! (Do you wanna build a snowman with me?)
  • Tips: Don’t buy all-you-want in the morning, you would not want to drag things with you all day long or stuck yourself in the gift shop in the morning& bring 2-4 tote bags along, especially 4 if you are planning to buy a lot and big stuffy item, you’ll thank yourselves having tote bag when you drag them on the train with a full day marathon work out back to Tokyo.

“bibbidi-bobbidi-boo” – Cinderella

  • Apparel: comfy clothes, don’t wear miniskirt/dress(i don’t get how Japanese kawaii girls can wear them with the strong wind, we think they have strong legs!)
  • Shoe: walkable shoe, sneaker would be the best, there’s a lot of walk to do in the park.
  • Jacket/Coat: jacket if you go during summer time, as neverland is next to seaside and gets chilly in the evening; coat for winter. I wore windbreaker and thought that’ll be enough afraid my winter coat would get in the way when I have fun, oh boy, my legs were shivering in the evening when the wind blew, so i’d say-bring your coat!

***Last but not least—don’t forget to check the departure time of last train back to Tokyo!


“To infinity and beyond.” — Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story


INside story to share:

My friend V was Mickey Mouse at Hong Kong Disneyland, where he greeted and pose photos with everyone.  Being a Disney character is a fun and joyful task, however wearing the heavy clothes with not much airness through on top of the humid hot weather in HK was not.  He told us one time his pal, Donald Duck got dehydrated and fainted on the road while posing pictures, what’s more…he puked!  However there’s a rule in Disneyland is that- you can never ever take off your character head, as if little kids see you in person, you’ll break their dream of wonderland characters.  And the only thing Mickey Mouse can do was- to pull the smiling Donald(fainted inside to be exact) to the staff room, with kids pointing, giggling, wondering along the way. I always laugh so hard when sharing this part of the story with friends, the imagination is very vivid, and I just can’t help myself to laugh out loud.

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” — Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh
“Now, think of the happiest things. It’s the same as having wings.” —Peter Pan, Peter Pan

and I wish you a wonderful trip in Tokyo Disneyland 😀 ❤️


ps: i am not sure if anyone has realized it, when you click the above map-point beside the title, it’ll link you the location of the post 😉



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歡 樂 魔 法 讓 夢 想 成 真



這一次與三位最好朋友來到夢幻國度,媽媽跟我說跟誰來很重要,姊姊3-4歲的時候就已帶她來過東京迪士尼,但因為姊姊的年齡與身高限制無法坐很多遊樂設施,且帶小孩旅行總是會有意外的驚喜插曲等著大人,以致於她們這樣的經驗,讓我直到這麼大才第一次去東京跟和迪士尼樂園遊玩。另外她也特別提到:大人與小孩的世界是不一樣的,例如小孩看到他們的女神−Frozen裡的Elsa會瘋狂的尖叫(但我看到Elsa也會唱起整首Let it go啊~),而大人是對一起成長的彼得潘、阿拉丁、小美人魚、睡美人或獅子王會有多一份的親切感與回憶。這一次同行的三位好友是對迪士尼每一部電影、故事情節,連最細微的點都會記得,更添這一次在迪士尼的兒時回憶與大家的瘋狂記憶!遊樂設施內容都超乎我想像,每一次都覺得設施快要結束囉⋯⋯卻又咻的繼續下去,沒有想像中的那樣短,卻回味無窮的好玩,讓我們又驚又喜的一直發瘋地大笑尖叫。

我想之中最糟的事大概是我們吃完晚餐去搭巨雷山,我們4個人坐在上面都快吐了,這可不是大家想像中迪士尼給小孩的慢緩雲霄飛車,它可是裝滿我們又笑又叫滿載而歸回東京給怪獸電力公司的超大發電廠。(*千千萬萬不要吃完餐去搭雲霄飛車….lol 我想大概只有我們這群傻子做了這樣的事情)



“If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.” — Cinderella



“Be Prepared”- Lion King

  • 門票: 建議出發前在網上先訂購以避免現場的排隊人潮
  • 地圖: 抵達園區後先去櫃檯拿地圖,有中文、英文、日語,或先在網路上看這地圖就知道園區開門後要先跑往哪一個FASTPASS (什麼是FASTPASS? 下一段會詳細介紹)
  • 白天&晚上遊行表演/ 幸福滿夜空/ 童話之夜:遊行表演有分下午與晚上兩場,我們看到了下午那一場,也看到季節限定的冰雪奇緣遊行;晚上了話我們陷入兩難的要決定−填飽肚子還是看夜光遊行(餐廳排隊的人實在太多了)而我們這一群就是肚子餓了會鬧脾氣的一團人,最終放棄了夜光遊行去填飽肚子;那幸福滿夜空−最讓人期待的煙火秀呢?這真的讓人哭笑不得,當天風太大不適宜放煙火所以被取消了,這太令人崩潰了⋯⋯當然也給我們更多的理由一定要再回來夢幻國度!!!!童話之夜一定也不夢幻,只喵到Elsa在唱歌,沒意識到這一場活動的時間幾點開始,便開始在商店裡穿梭
  • 貨幣&信用卡:把它們通通都帶來−visa, mastercard, 日幣,你會需要它們購買餐點和小禮品!
  • 網路:我們帶了2台wifi分享器,兩團分開時可以一隊帶一台的彼此溝通無阻
  • 營業時間表:迪士尼樂園是一個整天行程的活動,八點鐘開始營業(前往前請先確認當天營業時間)滿滿的隊伍從早上7:30前後就開始排,我們7:50到卻像大遲到一樣。說真的,這一整天下來根本就是活絡了筋骨細胞的運動日,有永遠走不完的有趣好玩路等著我們!
“Say what you wish  It’s yours! True dish”- Aladdin

1.FASTPASS: 又稱快速通關,它可以縮短等候遊樂設施時間。需要先至適用「迪士尼快速通行」的遊樂設施,領取一張印有指定時段的快速通行券,之後於指定時段返回遊樂設施,就能夠以較短的等候時間,體驗園內最受歡迎的遊樂設施!要注意的是:它也是限量的!  *怎麼效率地使用: 建議團內有一位RunnerMin Ho, 我們共有4位,分成兩組,一組當Runner拿FASTPASS,另一組就快走到下一個需要排隊的遊樂設施,等Runner組回來時,我們也差不多要準備玩囉!

2. 美食: 想到遊樂園販賣的餐點,通常都會有「昂貴、難吃」這兩種結論。但迪士尼的食物出乎我們意料之外超好吃!(價錢已拋之在腦後完全忘了是還好還是很貴)上面的熱狗我們就連續點了兩份,鮮嫩多汁!薯條也是給它大大的讚!(基本上在日本吃東西好像還沒有碰到地雷食物)

  • 爆米花: 是一個大家來到夢幻樂園會為之瘋狂的一項食物。園區裡有很多賣爆米花的地方,通常都是在往遊樂設施的路上,有很多種口味可以作選擇,甜的鹹的爆米花裝在超可愛迪士尼桶裡,銷魂到很多不吃爆米花的人都會買回家,很多人更是為了尋覓想要的桶子把園區走翻了!早上的隊伍會比晚上來的長,但我想對於喜歡爆米花的人,時間一定不會是一個問題 😛
  • 甜點: 迪士尼人物造型冰淇淋和玩具總動員外星人的麻糬以各種甜食形式收服大家的味蕾,味道也當然很好吃,上面不是有提了嗎−迪士尼的食物都很好吃!日本的冰淇淋也如名聲都已濃郁著稱(但當然還是比不上酪農場裡來的鮮甜濃郁)
  • 早餐: 建議來園區之前就在住宿地方享用完畢早餐或攜帶在身上,我們在路上買了早餐,排隊等待園區開門時在外面吃完,儲備好體力,準備賽跑進入園區。我們都覺得迪士尼樂園應該辦百米賽跑比賽,大家都跑的一個比一個快!
  • 午餐: 我們在世界市集買了熱狗薯條,坐在外面涼椅上享受陽光、享受藍天白雲也一併看下午的遊行表演
  • 晚餐: 建議先想好要在哪裡用餐,因為大家都是看完冰上奇緣的遊行後衝到餐廳去(冰上奇緣好像是季節限定的遊行,但還是供大家參考這是下午4點的遊行),建議先預定位置(若可以了話),或是在離餐廳很近的地方觀賞遊行,這場百米賽跑一定可以贏得冠軍

3. 商店: 這大概是全迪士尼讓人最失心瘋的地方,很多人像是第一次看到筆或鉛筆一樣。早上買了超可愛唐老鴨的造型帽陪我一整天,也在夜晚氣溫驟降時變成我的擋風帽,謝謝唐老鴨~

  • 整個迪士尼有很多商店但都販賣不一樣的kawaii商品,若看到很喜歡的東西請不要後悔的買下去,因為有可能會再也找不到有販賣它的店了 (衝動購物者可要小心荷包了!)
  • 迪士尼晚上10點閉門,但遊客都還是很盡興的尋獵每一條走道的每一層架子到1030
  • 我們覺得最邪惡的地方是:當我們終於步離這些讓我們財產支離破碎的商店後,園區外前往電車站的途中還有一間更大、商品更完整的商店,讓那些剛剛一直猶豫不決到底要不要買的人,為之瘋狂的奔跑尋找寶物,荷包支離破碎的程度更是不在話下了
  • 我買了玩具總動員的抱枕、毛毯,明信片和一組筆。起初我以為是一組筆,回到公司還很開心分享給同事,當我自己有一天要用時,打開來卻發現它是「橡皮擦」!可以想像我那時看到它時有多麼囧與崩潰,心想我給我同事什麼了啊!!!明信片了話,我在商店裡寫完內容後在園區裡尋尋覓覓郵筒,一個月後收到有Olaf郵戳來自迪士尼的明信片!!!
  • 重點: 不要一大早就開始購物!你不會想要一整天拖著購物袋到處跑!另外建議帶2~4個環保購物袋,尤其是想要買大型毛茸茸玩偶的人,當你運動了一整天拖著環保購物袋回到東京時,你一定會很感激自己有備而來

“bibbidi-bobbidi-boo” – Cinderella

  • 服裝: 輕便衣物。千千萬萬不要穿迷你裙/洋裝(覺得可愛日本女生很厲害都穿短裙,強風吹時我們都看著她們的腿說「硬朗」!)
  • 鞋子: 好走的鞋子,運動鞋會是最好−因為真的要走很多很多路
  • 外套/大衣: 夏天來一定要帶輕薄外套,冬天了話建議穿大衣因為遊樂園在海濱旁,夜晚氣溫驟降時會非常的需要。我穿運動風衣去心想大衣會在玩時礙手礙腳,但是⋯⋯太陽一下山,整雙腿一直顫抖,因為真的太冷了,所以還是穿著大衣來吧!!!!



“To infinity and beyond.” — Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story



我有一位好朋友之前在香港迪士尼當米老鼠,每一天的工作就是跟大家打招呼和拍照。  這一生可以當一次迪士尼人物是一件莫大的榮幸與歡樂,但穿著沈重密不通風的玩偶裝可不是一件簡單的事。他跟我們分享:有一天好朋友唐老鴨因為中暑在路上跟人拍照時昏倒了,更可怕的是−他吐了! 但迪士尼有一個很嚴厲也是嚴肅的規定−無論發生什麼事,這些玩偶們一定不能脫掉自己的頭套,因為若有小朋友發現裡面其實只是素人而不是他們心中的米奇米婗了話,這會破壞他們對於迪士尼童話故事的想像與幻想。所以⋯⋯米奇只好拖著微笑唐老鴨,但其實裡面是昏倒加嘔吐狀態的回到員工休息室,一路上小孩們很好奇的指指點點心想發生什麼事。每一次說到這一段我都笑到岔氣,整個畫面太鮮明,用想像的都可以笑到肚子痛。

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” — Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh
“Now, think of the happiest things. It’s the same as having wings.” —Peter Pan, Peter Pan



ps: 不知道有沒有人有發現,上面的地點指針可以連結到文章所寫之地點噢 😉


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