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Madama Butterfly 蝴蝶夫人

Nagasaki October 8, 2015

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From your truly madama singing her heart out waiting for her love one, for he did return with another woman aka his wife, she was too devastated that she left her son behind.

I am not a statue-taking-photo person, so bear in mind if you wish to find Madama Butterfly in this post, you might not be able to find it. Can take a glimpse when visiting at the Glover Garden. 

A trip in Northern Kyushu from Kumamoto clockwise stopping at SaseboDazaifuYufuin, Fukuoka, inevitably Nagasaki as we crossed the 有明海 with car+bus on ferry and into Unzen Volcanic Geopark Area.

I took most of my photos with my camera, unfortunately lost it as I was changing into another sim card latter for another trip, remembered I put it somewhere safely (where we always thought we put in the most safest place, and i’ll definitely remember? yes that’s the deal), anyhow these are what left from my iPhone.

To my surprise, there is so much about Nagasaki beside what we read from history book:

  • The bomb: If somehow felt the name Nagasaki is familiar, yes this is where WWII ended, the 2nd atomic bomb. If not cause of the weather Nagasaki won’t be that place, for we can’t go back to history, but learn from it, how we all shall love one another simply.  There is a Nagasaki Peace Memorial Hall and Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum to stopby if you are very interested into this part of history. We didn’t stopby, and I am glad we didn’t because I am one of those person who is in to geography and history, but felt very sick of those wars and monuments, and get sick physically when inside.
  • The garden: a steep walk up the Minami-Yamate hill to the Glover Garden looking over Nagasaki.   It’s being said this is where Madama Butterfly story’s took place, the opera by Giacomo Puccini, and yes there is a statue of Madama with her son pointing toward the sea saying this is where your father will be coming from.  * a hard walk for elderly, suggest them to be on a wheel chair / * enable to rent retro Cinderella’s sister prom dress and umbrella to spice up the feeling as an oldies
  • The industrialization: It’s one of the main place where the Meiji Industrial Revolution took off in the 19th for being the most southern port of Japan opened to Western for free trade. Where Westerner brought in their skills and technique wanting/trading to conquering/sharing the other side of the world. A walk at Glover Garden which is a museum now would find a bit history of renowned Japanese vehicle brand Mitsubishi, where the former dock house took place, and if you are into whiskey, nonetheless other wine, spirits, and beer, my fav is cocktail, this is where Kirin started, back in the days Scottish can’t live without their junk and start off breweries teaching the Japanese. (Oh, if you wonder who rank No.1 whiskey this year worldwide, I am proud to say: The world’s best whiskey? It comes from Taiwan )
  • The volcano: frankly Japan is a volcanic island, Mt.Unzen is a major one in Nagasaki erupting in 1991 causing devastated destroy. From one of the above pic can find the volcano with a house beside, the roof to be exact, which we would consider the house as the level of basements now. The house is opened as a small museum, the surrounding remain the look after the eruption with landslide, the centre were exhibition stories of families from the eruption and how the communities work together strongly building their hometown back in place.  The hot spring from the volcano in certain area were ideal for a pampering feet relax, and to my another surprise they can be used for steaming eggs, vegetables, indeed there was a street vendor selling vegetables and renting basket for people to picnic their steamed lunch in the park sighting the sea.
  • The mixed-race:  There was a saying, “if you want to find beautiful Japanese girl, must come to Nagasaki,” since many Westerner married local Japanese girls during the 19th and brood good looking mixed-race 2nd generation. Anyway, don’t say I say above, go check out yourself  😉


ps: Thanks Mom for taking a natural photo of me with my fav Nasty Gal sunglasses when I am not ready, and stated in Mom’s way as “the most natural photo”, there you go with me in a weird strange face 🙁  and the crazy hungry seagulls stabbing all the crackers they can find from the tourists

and to be honest, it was a bit sad for me to have a new post up as i love the serene pics from my previous post and hate to see it roll over to the next post


Camera: iPhone 5




我不是一位喜歡照雕像的人,所以這些照片裡不會找到蝴蝶夫人,但是到Glover Garden就會看到她了

這一次北九州行,我們順時針從熊本開始,途中經過佐世保、 太宰府湯布院、福岡,當然還有搭渡輪行經有明海來到島原半島上的長崎

這一段旅行照片幾乎都是用相機照,但很難過的是在為下一段旅行換sim card時弄丟了,明明記得我放在一個很安全的地方(非常的安全到一定會記得,到我完全不記得在哪了⋯⋯這句話很耳熟嗎?哎,故事就是這樣的)而以上照片為碩果僅存在我手機裡的照片


  • 原子彈: 若覺得「長崎」這地名聽起來很熟,的確,因為歷史課本都會提到,它扮演了關鍵人物結束了二次大戰−第二顆原子彈。若當時目標地沒有起霧長崎不會成為投彈目標,一切都已成歷史,我們僅能從歷史反省各文化族群如何和諧共存。長崎有長崎和平紀念館長崎原爆資料館,對於這一段歷史有興趣的人可以去看看。我們這一次沒有到訪這兩座建物,雖然我很喜歡歷史與地理,但對於來到戰爭留下的古蹟或是紀念館等等總是會感到不自在,更是感到不舒服,所以通常不會進去。
  • 哥拉八花園Glover Garden: 走上Minami-Yamate 小丘陡峭斜坡來到Glover Garden可以俯瞰長崎港。據說普契尼著名歌劇蝴蝶夫人源發於此,的確轉過一個彎可以看到蝴蝶夫人帶著兒子的雕像指著海港說您爸爸會從這裡回來。  *對於年長者此斜坡挺難走建議推輪椅/  *對於想要更感同身受穿越時空回到過去者,可以租西式禮服暨雨傘感受當時東西交會時的盛況
  • 工業革命: 長崎為日本明治維新時期日本國最南端開港通商之地,引進了許多西方技術,締造日本現今的現代化。Glover Garden除了是一座美麗的西式花園,更是看歷日本走向當代的重要古蹟。博物館裡一排排的照片敘述著那時的故事:長崎為當時主要重工業城市,知名車業大廠Mistsubishi的碼頭辦事處就在Glover Garden,而若你對whiskey很有興趣或其他烈酒啤酒(我的最愛是雞尾酒)更不可能不認識Kirin,它的故事也是從這裡開始,當時遠渡重洋來此經商的蘇格蘭人對生活裡沒有whiskey可是很不自在的,所以邊教日本人也邊建造whiskey酒廠,而酒的故事是這樣來的。(好奇今年排名第一的whiskey酒來自哪裡嗎?我很榮幸地說:The world’s best whiskey? It comes from Taiwan)
  • 島原半島火山:雲仙岳為長崎縣島原半島上火山群裡主要的火山,近期一次大噴發為1991年造成當地許多災害。從上面一張有火山亦有房屋屋頂不難看出當時火山的威力,造成當地滿目瘡痍,掩埋了許多人的家園。目前僅存的那一棟屋頂的房子,內部還保有當時的狀況,房子中間成了小型的紀念館述說當時的慘狀以及事後當地居民攜手重建家園的故事。附近的溫泉如礁溪溫泉一樣可以讓人泡腳,增添一份愜意,除此之外還可以在可行煮菜的地方,用溫泉煮蛋跟青菜,旁邊更是有攤販販售,一場面對大海的野餐日就此誕生。
  • 混血兒: 有一句話是這樣說的「若想要找日本最美的女孩,就要去長崎尋找」。19世紀東西交流頻繁,許多外國人與當地女子結婚生子,生出許多漂亮混血寶寶。好不好看由你來說,噓⋯⋯可別說是我說的噢~

ps: 感謝老媽想要幫我拍一張自然不造作生活照,卻還沒等我戴好我最愛的Nasty Gal太陽眼鏡擺出招牌微笑就照下去,據她的說法這是最自然的照片了 🙁  及飢腸轆轆海鷗看到遊客手上的日式可樂果就往哪飛勇奪的兇猛樣


相機: iPhone 5

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  • Reply annie lee October 12, 2015 at 15:20

    Oh no! I wouldnt know what to do if i lost my memory card during a trip! But these photos are amazing nonetheless 🙂 i had the chance to encounter many seagulls during my trip to the uk so i was happy to see them on ur post! Thanks for the wonderful walk through of this historical site tiff xx

    • Reply Tiff October 13, 2015 at 01:26

      I think seagulls and pigeons in Europe seek themselves as human, they take the road and see us as nothing 😛
      I’m glad you like the post Annie 😀

      xx Tiff

  • Reply Stephanie October 12, 2015 at 13:51

    Ahhh really unfortunate that you lost your sim card!! I always misplace mine too so I’ve been looking for a holder these days. Your photos are already amazing so I can’t imagine what was in store in your other card heh. Hey, sometimes the “natural” photo is the best one and you look cute in it! Tell your mom to take more and share with us! 🙂 Ugh, I also need to brush up on my written Chinese as I’m headed to Taipei this weekend. Look forward to more posts from you!!

    Stephanie @ Sartorial Diner

    • Reply Tiff October 13, 2015 at 01:23

      Thanks for the compliment 😉
      and welcome back home!!!! It’s chilly in Taipei already these days, everyone is wearing jacket and changing their wardrobe into fall
      You’ll catch up Chinese when you are back, learn faster in homeland 😀
      xx Tiff

  • Reply Valerie Price October 10, 2015 at 05:41

    All these photos are gorgeous!


    • Reply Tiff October 11, 2015 at 21:33

      Thanks Valerie, I hope you have an awesome weekend xx 😀

  • Reply sileas October 10, 2015 at 02:49

    Looks quite wonderful. Luckily you had some nice photos left. I especially like the seagull pictures, although they can get quite nasty sometimes 😉

    • Reply Tiff October 11, 2015 at 21:32

      Yes, I am glad there are some good left on my phone, I suppose it means I’ll have to visit there one day again. And yes the seagulls are insane, but I was astonished how the lens capture their feather and mean look, ;P

  • Reply Paul eTraveller October 9, 2015 at 22:06

    I enjoyed looking at your photos. I hope this place soon.


    • Reply Tiff October 11, 2015 at 21:27

      Thank you Paul, I hope you’ll visit Nagasaki soon 😀

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