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Bali September 26, 2015

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Aside from the lavish sunset beach scenery meal to have, we went on a local foodie tour to delve into what Balinese have everyday.

As mention in previous post, surprisingly Balinese are not Muslim as other thousands of Indonesian islands are, where they are Buddism and eat pork, nonetheless as Bali is an island, their main dish are mostly surrounded with fish. We went to had satay at a local restaurant having beef, pork, chicken in mind, instead of having fish1, fish2, and more fish345 blend into fish balls as our satay…, yet a fishylicious lunch.

Sitting by the field at Ubud, the ray shone across the paddie was where we had our first lunch in a hut. The crispy duck was amazingly good, moreover we also had a bamboo duck, the most heaviest meal we had, I mean we ordered 3 main courses, plus a fish! It was the best meal we had out of this 5 days! Thanks Made for taking us on a Balinese foodie tour.

And…of course we did end up with some burgers and fries at La Joya…oopsie!

Laying under the sun on the potato couch outside our hobbit, fresh squeeze juice, with wind blowing through hair…..can life be any better like this?

Until next time Bali! 

Wonder where we ate?

Crispy Duck& Bamboo Duck: Sawah Indah Resto

Luwak Coffee and Coffee Plantation: Laksmi Bali Agro Tourism

Other local food: ask Made!

La Joya in the house

 ps- Oh! And of course you can’t leave Indonesia without filling up your luggage with Mi Sedap!!!!!



來到峇里島就要吃crispy duck, 我們的第一餐坐在Ubud稻田旁,享受陽光享受微風,在茅草屋裡點了滿桌的食物-crispy duck, bamboo duck,一次來雙鴨餐,這一餐是我們在峇里島吃最多也最喜歡的一餐,感謝我們的房東兼司機Made帶我們到峇里島當地人會去的餐廳感受真正的峇里島生活。

當然⋯到了La Joya我們還是破戒吃了漢堡、薯條⋯哈哈哈





脆皮烤鴨&竹筒鴨- Sawah Indah Resto

雨林中隱藏版咖啡園與麝香貓咖啡- Laksmi Bali Agro Tourism


La Joya 西式餐點

ps- 離開印尼前別忘了一定要去超市買Mi Sedap!

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  • Reply Sileas October 3, 2015 at 14:41

    Omg, delicious looking photos!

    • Reply Tiff October 3, 2015 at 17:25

      Thanks Sileas and for stopping by!!! I enjoy your blog! 🙂
      xx Tiff

  • Reply Hanh September 28, 2015 at 22:39

    Wow so much yummy food! This post makes me miss all the food in Bali! What a gorgeous backdrop as well 🙂

    • Reply Tiff September 29, 2015 at 00:04

      Thanks Hanh, I am very looking forward on your next post about food and adventure beyonds 🙂

      xx Tiff

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