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AirBnb: Million Dollars Infinity Indian Ocean View

Jimbaran September 17, 2015
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I am not sure where to start from about this stay, from above pictures nonetheless it’s breaaa-th-taking, the million dollars infinity pool cliff view of Bali is speechless. I can even see the ocean just a lift from my pillow in the morning to see how’s the weather today, this is how good it is.

For those who is looking for a haven of serenity, this is THE place, as it takes a good 15mins drive just to get on the main road as it’s far off at the tip of one end of the shore. They have driver rental car outside await with price and destination fare, it’s very convenient. Those who seeks for an adventure can rent a motorbike and roam the island, well… we did see countless topless tourists with patches of sunburn and bruises on the back or knee….ouch, the adventure stamp!

There is massage and restaurant inside La Joya, the only thoughts that I have compare to my previous stay as it’s much closer to the tourist area and indeed have more tourists, everything comes with an add of 21%+ tourist&service tax, which we didn’t get to pay that on any of our meals in the previous trip(I guess I was in the country and local side of Bali). Hello to touristy world!

Here’s the bungalow aka hobbit, we stayed which holds 2adults and 2kids. I’d say kids would love to stay at the top floor looking down the room. I booked here just for Jing and Wayana’s attractive love story, haha, for more can find it here.

Above writing were my experience, share me your experience at Bali or with AirBnb 🙂

Oh! And you can get a NT779 (25USD) off on your first AirBnb trip with this ultimate link: www.airbnb.com.tw/c/tang2?s=8  😉

以上美景讓人不知從何起筆,峇里島第一排無敵夕陽,無邊際泳池,美不勝收,人生就該如此,對吧? 每天早上起來,想要知道今天天氣如何,微微地抬起頭,就可以從窗戶中看見大海跟天空,La Joya就是這麼棒!


La Joya有massage和餐廳,而唯一覺得這裡和之前的住宿不一樣的地方是:這裡離(也是)觀光區很近,也的確來的路上看到越來越多異國面孔,因此在餐廳消費時會被多收21%服務費,這在我前幾天旅行時(或許因為是在峇里島的鄉下和當地人區域)是不曾發生的,歡迎來到要被坑的觀光區噢!


以上是我的旅行經驗,歡迎跟我分享您的峇里島或AirBnb經驗  🙂

若還沒有使用過AirBnb,可以用此連結登入: www.airbnb.com.tw/c/tang2?s=8,第一次使用可以享有NT779的住宿優惠噢!

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  • Reply Hanh September 28, 2015 at 22:54

    Incredible views, look at that sunset! xx

  • Reply Helen Chik September 21, 2015 at 08:43

    Wow this spot looks absolutely amazing and look at that sunset!

    Hope you’ll check out my page and let me know your thoughts! Love connecting with new bloggers xx

    Helen x

    • Reply Tiff September 22, 2015 at 22:27

      Hi Helen,

      Thanks for stopping by! I like to connect with bloggers as well, interesting that we all are writing from somewhere ^^
      Love your OOTD post, the style are very neat and cool. I’d stopby often and keep updated what you have on!!!!

      xx Tiff

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