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AirBnb: My First AirBnb Adventure in Bali Fishing Village

LES September 14, 2015

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They say it’s not only where you are traveling, but who you are with that makes the memory count.

This was my first experience with AirBnb and I can’t have it any better, also it’s how I expected AirBnb should be like (but don’t take it for granted).
We went to Bali in a whim, saw this great sale on AirAsia.com- got two tickets from Taipei to Denparsar for less than NTD10,000 around USD330 (even add up the choose seat and luggage fare) which normally is NTD15,000 up per person, anyway with not a second thought we bought it and flew off.

Never have I been to Bali or have an idea what’s like there beside the beach, great massage, unforgettable ultimate sunset or always rank top of list of must go travel destination…I mean, you can’t go wrong with going to Bali, isn’t it? I searched accommodation first on Agoda, Booking.com as usual, suddenly it came to me we can stay at AirBnb and live like a local!!!! AirBnb really drove me mad as there are too many good places to choose from, I even wanted to stay at a straw hut, which was being deny at the end, afraid of some tropical insects fall off while we sleep (yikes).

I was planning to stay at another place prior to this, chatted with the host, everything all good, but someone snatch the place faster than me. Well, there goes my first attempt with AirBnb. I know everyone would say, go stay at Ubud, Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran, all those touristy place. The place I was planning to stay was in Amed, north east part of Bali, known for snorkeling and the Japanese Ship Wreck. In despite not being able to stay there, I mapped around the island looking for a nice place and found La Kubu with great reviews, oh, and as I was writing this post, I just realize La Kubu received Super Host from AirBnb, CONGRATS!

(HOW TO USE AirBnb? Post update soon)

Back to the story, we booked La Kubu for its serene seaside village, simplicity, and somewhere out of the normal Bali area people would stay. I just dislike to be same as others.

La Kubu is located at the northern part of Bali called Tejaluka in a village named Les.
I contacted Made the host, who also said could be our driver. Looking from the map of Bali, I discussed with Made about cutting through the island from the airport to our accomondation by passing Ubud along the way, where he also said we would pass by the renowned Tegalalang rice field.
Took a red eye flight touchdown at Denparsar at the midst of dawn at 6ish, out from custom half pass 7, we were greeted by Made and off we set out our first day at Bali.

First of all, as requested by me, I had Made took us to legal currency exchange place. However, before Made took us to money exchange, I still changed USD100 at the airport just in case in need of anything in between our destination, out of my surprise it was just a 10-15mins drive from the airport there was a legal currency exchange with better rate and more money I’ve got at the airport.

I did no plan much about Bali, as I really don’t want to use my brain for this trip as I just got myself off a hectic workplace. All I want is to passby Ubud on my way to La Kubu, any place nice to stopby along the way is good for me. I am not a picky traveler as well, always on trying something ethnic!

Made brought us to a traditional weaving shop; Balinese dance show, boy it’s hilarious; the best duck meal we had in Bali (will detail more about the food Made had took us in Balinese delight post); coffee plantation, we were introduced by a well-mannered Balinese girl with impressive English, chatted with her about education and society of Bali, and greeted by varieties of coffee….wow wow wow all free trial, and had luka coffee, known for luxury coffee aka coffee bean out from cat’s poop, but don’t worry they hygiene it, dry it for 2-3 times before serving us; passed by Tegalalang rice paddie, unfortunately I passed out long before due to the red eye flight, didn’t get to see the lush green field and Mt.Batur nor Lake Batur cause of the heavy fog.

Les was what I had in mind, and Made’s generosity and great English left us unforgettable memory.

He took us to the morning wet market the next day, a place I always love to doze myself off to understand local’s daily diet; shower myself in a waterfall, sat on a rock feeling like Simba; corn barbecue; and evening temple service with his community, what’s more we were dressed like the local Balinese!

Made is making a difference to his community by his AirBnb, introducing his guest’s culture to his family and community, also helping the local’s living. He has a helper Agus, who made us breakfast every morning, always somewhere around us when in need of a second hand, well-mannered, poilte, having a smile on his face. Also some girls to help with his prayers for La Kubu. I came to a surprise to understand that Balinese are buddhism, not Muslim as the main island people are in Jakarta and they eat pork, their religious culture somehow is a bit related to the Buddhist I pray, just different network. Balinese are very sincere by praying every morning with flowers, scents, and dotting water to the statue every morning.

We had a wonderful experience here, chatting with Made about Bali, knowing the local people and their culture, a great start for my Bali vacation 🙂

We stayed at La Kubu for 3 days 2 nights before Made drove us down south to Balangan, next by Jimbaran, where our next AirBnb was built at. (2nd Bali AirBnb post will be up soon)

This was my accommodation at Made’s, Java Villa: https://www.airbnb.com.tw/rooms/5214094

Besides Les, he also have accommodation listing in Jimbaran, Denparsar…and give tours around the island. This is his website, though he doesn’t update much often and is thinking about rebuilding it sometimes when time allows.

Can email him about your next travel trip to Bali, I am sure he’ll be delighted to meet you and share more of his culture. (Can tell him you saw this travel post from Tiffany from Taiwan, I am sure he’ll be very excited as well =)

Above writing were my experience, share me your experience at Bali or with AirBnb 🙂

Oh! And you can get a NT779 (25USD) off on your first AirBnb trip with this ultimate link: www.airbnb.com.tw/c/tang2?s=8  😉




從來沒有去過峇里島,對於峇里島的想像僅限於海邊細沙、紓解筋骨的按摩、難以忘懷的夕陽、及每一年社群文章都會評論為這一輩子一定要去的海島。如往常一樣打開了Agoda跟Booking.com開始找尋住宿,突然想起一直想要用卻沒有機會用的AirBnb。AirBnb是一個會讓人上癮的旅遊住宿網站,有太多漂亮民宿可以選了,本來看到一間超可愛的茅草民宿,但最後被夥伴拒絕了,怕晚上有熱情的熱帶小蟲來跟我們打招呼~ 選擇住在現在要介紹的民宿之前,我看上了另一間在Amed民宿,跟民宿老闆來來回回通信幾回後,有一晚要訂的時候發現我的房間被另一位旅人捷足先登訂了這間民宿,整個超傻眼就這樣沒有住的地方了。這是我與AirBnb第一次可怕的邂逅。通常來到峇里島,大家會選擇住在比較多觀光客的地方如Ubud, Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran,原本要住的Amed位於峇里島東北邊,峇里島潛水主要景點之一,更有馳名的Japanese Ship Wreck。可惜就這樣不能住在那一間超美名宿,打開AirBnb的地圖,我沿著島的東北邊一個一個尋找住宿地點,最後看到這一間評價非常好的La Kubu,房東還被AirBnb獲頒『超讚房東』

(如何使用AirBnb? 之後請見此文章)



搭著紅眼班機6點多抵達峇里島, 7點多入境,Made 先載我們到附近合法換匯的地方,以防前往的旅途中有不時之須還是先在機場換了100美金,換匯地方離機場10-15分鐘遠,很快就到了,超開心換到幾百萬的印尼盾妄想自己是富翁,匯率也比機場好太多了!


換好匯率後Made帶我們去峇里島傳統紡織工坊、看民間神話峇里式舞蹈、品嚐這五天行程裡吃最難忘的一餐鮮美烤鴨(關於峇里島吃貨日記,之後有時間會開始寫,盡情期待噢~);熱帶雨林裡的咖啡田,碰到一位英文流利的峇里島女孩,很仔細地跟我們介紹咖啡種植過程,也跟她峇里島的教育及一些社會狀況,另我們驚訝的是,眼前10幾杯咖啡全都是試喝杯,超多的!我們也買了一杯Luwak咖啡,又稱貓麝咖啡,直白的說就是給貓吃好料,咖啡豆來自貓的排泄物,但不用緊張感到這一切很噁心,因為他們會將咖啡豆洗淨、曬乾,重複這程序2-3次,在端上這一杯濃香順口的咖啡給你;經過Tegalalang稻田時我已因為搭紅眼班機整個人睡的不省人事了,更別說看到什麼田,而Mt.Batur和Lake Batur更因為山間起大霧,什麼都看不到⋯⋯





此次旅程超出我們想像的好,是我們在喧鬧的觀光地中尋找的靜謐、了解當地人生活之道地峇里島旅程。 對於想要離開熱鬧觀光景點,擁有自己片刻安寧的地方,看看不一樣的峇里島,認識峇里島人民的生活,此處非常推薦!

我們在La Kubu住了3天2夜後,Made載我們到下一個AirBnb住宿地點位於峇里島南部的Bagalan鄰Jimbaran. (峇里島旅行的另一間AirBnb經驗之後會刊出~敬請期待)

我們住在La Kubu民宿裡的Jaya Villa: https://www.airbnb.com.tw/rooms/5214094

Made除了在Les有民宿,在 Jimbaran, Denparsar 也有合作民宿,還有包車帶團遊玩峇里島。這是他的網站,雖然不常更新,他也在考慮重建中,但寫信給他他都會回噢(也可以跟他說是看到來自台灣Tiffany的文章,他會非常開心的!),相信他也非常期待你來峇里島玩,更會不吝嗇的介紹峇里島風俗民情。


當然有好康一定也要跟大家說,若使用這連結第一次訂AirBnb可以享有NT779 的折扣: www.airbnb.com.tw/c/tang2?s=8  😉

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