A Whole New World!

On the Magic Carpet July 25, 2015

Hello world, this is my first post with a new theme, new blogname, and a new site (as wretch, the main blogging site in Taiwan close down at the end of 2013; and my previous wordpress blog just didn’t work out well, and wasn’t feeling me)

I didn’t move my post from wretch as they were so university writing style, and wanted to start out fresh from the oven… and here it is!

I must say webpage layout really matter your feeling of blogging or not. Simply can’t stand the theme free WordPress provides and bought a new theme. Well, I thought it was that easy by buying a theme and all my problems were all sorted…hell no….!!!! The hard part came in….build a website from scratch-issues come up in between-solve the problem-issues come up-solve it-chu chu chu-voila-thanks to my friend’s boyfriend-a WordPress developer-making everything come true.

Welcome to this new layout of adventure!
Still continuously-learning HTML and CSS (never know I can be this geek and enjoy them so much) on Hope I can build a website on my own someday!

Enjoy this layout ride!

一個網站的美觀、設計及排版,會影響一個人是否要繼續在此網頁上瀏覽,至少我是這麼認為的。使用Wordpress.com免費版本寫了些文章,但實在看不慣那些免費版型的排版,看了些網站有在設計Wordpress版型,便下載了喜歡的版型,以為可以就此讓眼簾順眼,殊不知,困難才將要開始:從零開始架網站—問題浮現—解決問題—浮現問題—然後然後—終於成功了—非常感謝好友的男友wordpress developer—讓這一切成真!



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  • Reply Tara July 29, 2015 at 18:02

    Well done on the new theme, your website looks amazing! Love the styling!

    Xo, Tara

    • Reply Tiff July 29, 2015 at 23:49

      Thanks Tara!!! I like it as well, much enjoyable to diary the blog 😀
      And I enjoy your travel blog, globetrotter!!! xx

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