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No.1 Hot Spring Breathtaking Yufuin 日本OL票選第一溫泉:九州湯布院/由布院

Yufuin April 27, 2014

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Yufin Onsen is a serene hot spring village with tea houses, hot spring spa, museums across the town, surrounded by mountain chains, was once a stopover for traveler throughout their journey. It became downfallen as mass transportation develop, as time goes by, the pleasant village attract artists to settle and draw visitors to come, aka Japanese OL No.1 spa resort.

We ate in a restaurant sitting by French window outlooking the mountain. Isn’t this how life should be? La vie, la vie!

Japanese food never unsatisfied us as we enjoy admiring their utensils, plating….it’s just like looking at spring, and well…eating it as well.

We walked around the town passing by Kinrin Ko (a lake), through the lane into Yufuin Floral Village. There were stands of shops inside Yufuin Floral Village, a place girls would kept on scream ‘kawaiiiiii’ (Japanese: cute)


It’s a beyond word breathtaking town,  can’t find any adjectives to describe.

Well…i suppose you have to come yourself to see what this place is all about.








人生應該如此 享受這一片刻 <3


吃完飯我們到鎮上走走,靜謐的金麟湖湖畔,由布院Floral Village是會讓喜歡小東西的女生尖叫連連的地方,無時無刻都可以聽到有女生說「kawaiiiiiiii」





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