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Kujuku Islands 九州九十九座島

Sasebo April 8, 2014

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Cruise to a new dawn.

Sasebo, Nagasaki and its Kujuku islands lies on a 25km seacoasts at Kitamatsura Peninsula west of Nagasaki with a mix of seacliffs, drowning bay,  dendritic peninsula, etc., a variety coastal landscape.

Kujuku Island it’s name in Japanese- ’99 islands,’ as the number ‘9’ in Japan defines ‘a lot, many’, in which in reality the Kujuku Islands is composed by 208 islands.

It’s not a place for people to live on, but an ideal place for tourism and fisherman to grow pearl and clam.

Besides cruising, there is Kujukushima Aquarium where we were astonished by the species of jellyfish. I watched those jellyfish swim in awe as it stunned me no wonder those fashion designer would say ” This season inspiration comes from a jellyfish, for its outlook and transparency  looks like an elegant dress for spring.” Anyway, something like that, I suppose you know what i am thinking 😉

Flying from Taiwan to Kyushu, I saw these scatters islands out from the windows, and when i went to Sasebo, jaw open surprisedly—-I think this is what I saw on air!







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