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UBER- The New Classy Transportation in Town

UBER November 30, 2013
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What is UBER?

暑假的時候商周有一篇報導是這樣的介紹:《37歲矽谷金童 來台開計程車行》
I saw this article on Business Weekly Taiwan 《37 Years old Golden Boy from Silicon Valley now Driving Taxi》* These big shinning words caught my attention and arouse between me and my friends.
*The article is in Chinese, for more UBER related news can google it.

一直躍躍欲試,又驚又喜好開心AirBnb x Uber 這次一起合作讓各位參與活動的朋友們可以嘗鮮體驗✌️
Have longed to try this new black car in town. Thanks to AirBnb in collaboration with UBER in having all the friends that attended the event can take a free ride with UBER to enjoy the breeze.

去會場地點時,因屬尖峰時間,我沒有及早叫車與還不懂得操作界面- 可以不用以手機定位方式叫車,可以人在A點,輸入B點位置,抵達B點時車也已抵達,而錯過第一次搭乘。
It was peak hour when I apped UBER. I didn’t know how to use the app at that time and didn’t realize it would be hard to grab a car so missed my first ride to the event. During the event, UBER staff taught me how to use their app and can also app a car when I am at A place, and apping it to arrive at B place. Sounds convenient isn’t it!
At the end of event, when everyone started to leave, the UBER staff hurried us to app the car in case there are so many people calling the car at the same time would take us a while for the car to arrive. I must say mine arrived in just a few seconds after I sent out my request. And here it come!

It’s really amazing can know the type of can you are taking via the app, whether it’s a Mercedes or a BMW, and the driver’s name!!!! (sorry, didn’t that a pic of it, as a first time user, was just too excited to hop in the car lol)
The driver would greet and open the door for you. I felt totally being taken care. And what I like best was the length for our legs between the front seats, it’s very spacious.
I kept on recommend it to my grandpa and grandma. They attend lots of wedding recently and with a few cost higher than the normal cab, it’s nice for elderly to be seated in a comfortable spacious car arriving like a Hollywooder.

I chatted with the driver all the way home, which I always enjoy doing. Drivers are like listening to women in bathroom or doormans for mansion, they know things far beyond we can imagine, IF you know what I mean…haha.
“Wait a second”, the driver said as he pulled on my driveway and stopped in front of my house. I learned to stay still, let the driver do his job, while he flew over to open my door. I can see the look of our building’s security guard and neighbors as they wonder who would be coming out of that car and slowly buzzing over.
“SURPRISE!” !!!! Haha. That was what I wanted to shout out when I stepped out of the car. Anyway, the neighbors and the security guard looked at me in amused and kept on nod to me as I walk my way in to the building. Our neighbors are really nice, we would nod at each other to greet, but today they bobbed more, haha.


收據會寄到信箱裡/ Receipt being sent into my mail box

司機先生說平常沒有夜間加成,所以都一個價,及與計程車相較之下價錢大概多10-20%。 NTD500塊坐4位蠻划算的,一個人平均NTD125-130,算了一下與我們平常要轉很多交通工具到家的價錢後是差不多,及平常坐計程車從泰山到師大也差不多400多,是在可以接受的範圍內。
Above is my first ride with Uber.
It was around NTD500 from Shida to Taishan. The driver said there is no midnight additional fee like normal cab, it’s one price 24/7, the fare is 10-20% higher for the same route for the normal cab as well. Let’s do some calculation- when we put it as 4 people in the car for NTD500, we’ll have NTD125-130/ per person. Quite reasonable as I have to change transportation to get home, and few more coins than taking normal cab.

Here, here an intro of how to use the app:


#1 下載Uber App/ Download the App: UBER


#2 輸入基本資料/信用卡 (payment地方)/ #2 Fill in your info and credit card



#3 叫車囉
a. 可以衛星定位叫車
b. 自行輸入上車地點
/ App a car!
a. Can use location service
b. Fill in the address by fingers

#4 期待你的Uber體驗吧!#4 Happy Ubering!
如果輸入此代號,可以在第一次搭乘時折NTD150噢! Code: 1a7as   / Have a NTD150 discounts by entering promo code: 1a7as

這是它計算價格的方式/ This is how the fare being calculate in Taipei:


Uber 是來自美國舊金山的高檔叫車服務,於 2009 年成立,透過手機應用軟體與租賃車行合作,使用者可隨時隨地輕觸手機App叫車。全程費用由信用卡自動扣款,主張簡單科技化的高品質搭乘體驗。目前 Uber已在超過全球 22 個國家、50 多個城市營運,除了美國之外,也積極開發歐洲、中東、南非和亞洲市場。 Uber除了透過一個App串聯全世界之外,也希望能將愛心串聯至全世界。

更多訊息在Uber.Com 還有Uber Blog Taipei

A bit about Uber:
Started in 2009 in San Francisco by using mobile app in collaboration with lease black car. Customers can app for a black car anywhere you are. Aming to pamper the customer with a classy experience in transportation using high tech. Uber is now in 22 countries, 55 cities and now expanding in Europe, Middle-East, South Africa and Asia.
Besides networking the world with mobile app, Uber also deticate into community services in connecting the world.

(words written by Tiff in translating the above text from Chinese)

Check out Uber at Uber.com and Uber blog Taipei
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