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Kuala Lumpur February 12, 2013
– Look out of my room: Oil Palm Tree @Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;
房外一望無際的棕梠樹, @馬來西亞˙吉隆坡

Have been flying to Kuala Lumpur (aka KL) recently, although it wasn’t my first time to Malaysia (first time was 5years old to Langkawi) it was my first time to experience the culture.  To make the most out of it, I caught a late night flight after work on Friday and arrived on Saturday morning at4am, and the journey begins!
The first thing I noticed was the toilet. The ground of the toilet is always wet somehow, and there’s a small shower cap beside the toilet. (I didn’t take picture of it..coz its toilet!!! lol) I thought: “hmm, what a nice clean country like to clean that often, but the wet space was weird too…always wet near the toilet.” This has been bugging me, I asked my Malaysian classmate, he said ”Malaysia is a Muslim culture country, they used water to clean their butt after their thing.” The saying of ‘Muslim use their left hand to clean their thing, and the right hand to eat.” Finally know what this means!!!  I stayed at my friend’s house for a weekend, they are Malay-Chinese, she said they do the same at home also.

In Malaysia, I was surprised the Chinese here speaks Cantonese, due to most of their ancestor are from Guandung area in China.  Some people know how to speak Mandarin (and some don’t), those who do know how to speak may not be able to read or write. I was like wow! I asked my classmates, they told me ”it depends on when they went to Chinese school, public/private school, or Malay or English school. Some schools focus their time more on Chinese teaching, others maybe more on Malay. And their family as well.”  I remembered the first time I called a colleague since I cant find the car rental in airport and went blahblahblah in English, after a while she said in Chinese: “Are you from Taiwan?” Lol

最近很常飛吉隆坡, 雖然不是第一次到馬來西亞 (小時候去過蘭卡威), 但是是第一次感受到馬來西亞當地的風土民情.  為了讓時間可以充實運用, 星期五下班後馬上飛奔機場搭了晚班飛機, 星期六清晨四點到了吉隆坡, 展開此次的旅程, 出發!

第一件讓我注意到的事是:廁所!廁所地板不知為何永遠是濕的, 然後旁邊有小蓮蓬頭. (拍謝沒照照片因為是廁所, 請親身去體驗) 我那時心想:還真是愛乾淨的國度一直清理廁所, 只是濕的地方也怪了點兒, 都靠近馬桶邊緣.

我一直覺得很奇怪, 後來問了馬來同學, 他說“馬來西亞是回教國家, 廁後都是用水清理屁股; 所謂左上擦屁股, 右手吃飯就是此意.” 週末待在馬來華人同學家, 他們家也是這樣這樣在家上廁所的.

馬來西亞讓我驚訝的是這裡的華人都說廣東話, 所謂鄭和下西洋就是來到了星馬, 帶了很多廣東地區的人們.  有一些華人會說中文, 會的也不一定會寫會讀, 這又讓我驚訝萬分. 我問了同學他們說:”這要看他們小時候是念華語學校還是馬來學校, 又或是是私立或是公立, 這會影響學校教學上使用中文, 英文, 馬來語的比例, 還有看他們家裡說什麼語言.”記得第一次到吉隆坡在機場找不到出租車向馬來同事求救時, blahblahblah說了一堆英文後, 她用中文說”妳來自台灣對吧!“  冏

– Random walking and saw an elementary school; 隨處走走發現一所小學
– I think this is a high school? It was founded in 1904, the architecture looks like those Japanese style in Taiwan ex: our Presidential Hall; 1904年創的一所高中(忘了是不是高中), 他建築有沒有很像我們的總統府及其他日式建築

I think it’s cute and funny when understanding what my friends or colleagues are saying as their Chinese are much directly translate from Cantonese. My colleague asked me the other day: “Have you run around in KL?”

I looked out of the runway window and asked: “You mean run around on the airport runaway????!!!”
She said “no la, it’s have you checked out Kuala Lumpur?”
Haha…coz in Taiwan we’ll said: “have you ‘walk’ around?”
The other is for discount in English we’ll say 10%off, in Taiwan we say cut 90percent, in Malaysia Chinese they said 10percent.
It’s just different way of saying things, it’s fun to know.

跟馬來華人聊天挺有趣的, 因為我們用字方式不一樣, 它們很多說法感覺是廣東話直翻出來的, 前幾天同事問我說: “妳有到吉隆坡跑跑了沒”

我往窗外跑道看 “妳是說跑機場跑道嗎?” (心想…..蝦米?!)

她哈哈大笑說 “不是拉, 是你逛過吉隆坡沒?”

原來他們是說“跑跑“, 我們說”走走“ 哈哈 (跑跑道也太要我的命了吧~)

或我們說打九折, 他們是說打10百先, 就覺得很有趣, 哈哈, 大家說法不一樣

– British colonizes influence to be found; 英國殖民之遺跡

Bahasa Malaysia (aka BM) is the official language while English is widely spoken.  Malaysia is made up of Malaysian, Indian, and Chinese.  Chinese people here speaks four languages: BM, English, Cantonese, and Chinese…if its Indian than its the other way around!

馬來語是主要的語言, 英文大家都會說; 馬來西亞是由馬來人, 印度人, 與華人.  我打從心裡的覺得好厲害, 馬來華人會說四種語言-馬來語, 英文, 廣東話, 中文….若是印度家庭, 中文就是他們的印度語.

    Oh oh, wait! For people living in Penang, they speak Fokkeinese more (which is similar to Taiwanese). It was neat when I was on a flight back to Taipei and chatted with an Indian lady asking me about Taiwan, she said ” I speak Fukkinese!” Ha…I told her she can survive here then😉

更有趣的是住在檳城的人反之是說福建話(就是我們的台語). 上一次飛回來時有一位印度太太來台灣旅遊問我很多有關台灣的事, 很怕語言不通等等, 後來她說“我會福建話!!!” 哈哈~那一定可以在台灣生存囉

– A walk in the city ; 在城裡隨處走走

一年四季皆是夏天的東南亞, 外頭永遠走三步路讓人汗流浹背, 裡頭百貨公司, 辦公室等冷氣卻無比的強, 這跟台灣限制室內溫度要26很不一樣, 但要小心著涼就是了.South East Asia is embrace by its tropical weather all year round, it’s hot outside when the sun is up, however indoor building ex department store has strong air condition, very very cold. It’s very different than in Taiwan, since Taiwan had set an indoor temperature has to be around 26C, not wasting the electricity.


– Samsung Galaxy everywhere in the subway station & Muslim ladies; 車站到處都是三星廣告&回教女人

People here doesn’t wait in line, they would scattered around the train door for abroad; it’s another difference to me as well…since Taiwanese are famous to be ‘in line.’

Before departure from Taipei, I saw an article on backpacker site saying: “KL is top 10 world dangerous city.” This totally freaked me out, besides my classmate kept sending me news of: “15kids are lost in one month” such stories..

Malaysia is like Europe not safe, had to be aware of your bag, who is walking around you, don’t go to dark alley or a street with no one. It’s a mixture of culture here and there are some African here enrolled in school, doesn’t go and do illegal thing.  For ladies even in the restroom, have to be aware hanging bag on the door, since someone from outside can just use a hanger or whatever and lift your handbag away.

This is the first part of Kuala Lumpur would be everyone’s favourite—food!!!!

這裡的人不怎麼排隊, 輕軌到了全部一窩蜂上前湧去, 跟愛排隊的台灣人很不一樣呢.

出發前, 我在背包客棧看了一篇文章 “全球十大危險都市”, 恭喜吉隆坡入榜!這又讓我神經緊張, 我喜歡旅行, 但我怕死啊~~~~  然後我同學又一直line我 “每一個月有15小孩不見”等故事…..嗚嗚嗚嗚

馬來西亞跟歐洲一樣很危險, 要隨時很注意自己的隨身物品, 誰走在你身邊, 千千萬萬不要走進黑暗小巷弄, 或是一個人走路. 這是一個擁有多元種族的地方, 我同事跟我說, 這裡有很多非洲黑人, 申請這裡的學校卻都不去上課在其它地方做非法黑工. 女孩們上廁所要注意隨身物品, 包包掛在門上也要小心, 因為也聽說過有人包包被外面的人用掛鈎釣走.

此次吉隆坡行先寫到這兒, 下一篇會是令人垂簾三尺的食物!!! 敬請期待

– Laksa! My favourite South East Asian food; Laksa 我最愛的東南亞食物:)

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