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Transportation in London 如何在倫敦搭地鐵

London January 5, 2013
Morning Baker St!  Transfer checkpoint from suburb London to downtown everyday!

Welcome to London!

Underground is a significant signature of London. Living there for one and a half months I found some fun interesting things about it~

歡迎來到倫敦 <3
來到倫敦不可不搭倫敦地鐵, 在那裡生活了一個半月後發現一些有趣又好玩的的東西~

Okay, first share with all how to save transportation fare in London
好噢, 第一站與大家分享怎麼好好享受倫敦地鐵及甚麼時段坐最好了

1. Must buy Oyster Card, whether if you are here just for a few days or a week (read more and you’ll know why)

千千萬萬一定一定要買這一張牡蠣卡 Oyster Card, 無論你只是在倫敦待幾天或是一星期 (繼續看就知道為什麼呦)

2. Peak Time’ & ‘Off-Peak Time.

London Underground fare differentiate according to time

*Peak Time: Monday-Friday 04:30-09:29
*Off-Peak Time: Monday-Friday from 09:30-04:29 (the following day)
*Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 04:30-04:29 (the following day)

尖峰” & “離峰時段


*尖峰時段: 星期一~五 04:30-09:29
*離峰時段: 其他時間皆是

Example/ 詳見以下範例:

I lived in Zone Six, the far upper north-west, however mostly of London sightseeing are in Zone 1 & 2. I always head out after 0930 avoiding the peak time; same as going back home after a day stroll in the city, heading home after 1930/2000..or sometimes the time doesn’t matter to me, I just head home.  (While writing this I realize the peak & off-peak hour had changed, before Mon-Fri 1600-1900 was peak hour as well)

*When have an oyster card, pay ₤5+₤3=8₤(peak+off peak/day)

**If you don’t have an oyster card, paying by cash is ₤5.5/ one way

***An oyster card, as I remembered its ₤5, can use it all up, then top-up.

****I don’t think the travelcard is worth it, unless you enjoy exploring London under-ground. 

Still I think the best way to travel London is to get off from a station and walk around that area for the rest of the day, many places are actually near by, and easily access by foot, then go back to your place after a long day walk with the tube or bus.

我住在倫敦第六區, 倫敦觀光景點大多都在第一或第二區. 每一天早上都會選在離峰時間(0930後)出發漫步倫敦; 回程時選於離峰時段回家.

(在寫這的同時也發現了, 尖峰與離峰時間有改變, 之前是星期一至五的1600-1900也是尖峰時段)

*當有可愛的牡蠣卡的時候呢, 一天的交通花費為₤5+₤3=8₤ (尖峰+離峰時段)

**如果沒有用牡蠣卡, 銀子可要多花成一趟就要₤5.5, 非常不划算!

***記得這一張牡蠣卡₤5, 可以將原卡費₤5用完再加值, 跟我們的悠遊卡一樣.

****不是很推買travelcard, 除非你享受一直在地下逛倫敦

我覺得逛倫敦最佳的方式為選擇今天要逛的區域,在那一站出站後,再用徒步的方式逛附近區域,倫敦許多觀光景點地點非常接近,不下幾步路就走到,隨處逛也會有意外的收穫, 柳暗花明又一村,晚上走累了再搭地鐵或是巴士回住宿地點。


3. Transport for London| Tube (A MUST-download app when traveling London!)
‘The ultimate website to use before heading out in London!’
There is a journey planner, type in the tube station *from and to, **arriving time/departing time, and there’ll be details showing you what time the tube would come, and how to transfer within other lines.  Most important is the services within line.

Transport for London| Tube  倫敦地鐵網站 (來倫敦旅行必下載的app)

每一天出發前可先到網站裡的journey planner, 規劃*出發及抵達站和**想要出發/抵達的時間, 此會顯示如何到達地點/中途轉程站與班次時間.  更重要的是還會顯示所有地鐵線的營運狀況.a. Journey Planner 規劃路線圖


b. Service Update 所有地鐵線營運狀況


 As can see from above that “Overground Line” is part suspended
 4. The Oldest Underground 
Hello World!!!  Thanks to UK in bringing all these industrial machinery.
As London is the oldest underground, there is no wifi or any mobile signals underground. Since the last terrorist attack bomb London by using mobile/internet in Metropolitan Line (the line I go and by London everyday)
Starting 2012 summer, there is wifi underground, however isn’t stable and only surf during stops, hopefully its good to go now. In my opinion….I think it isn’t safe as there is no signals underground, as if I wanna call out for help, no one could save me.
However, I realized something very special on the undergound….everyone is reading!!!
Yup, everyone on the tube would always be immersing in reading something on their own or the METRO, London Underground free newspaper handing out every morning & evening.
歡迎來到現代世紀, 感謝英國的工業革命帶給我們現在便利的生活.
倫敦地鐵是全世界最古老的地鐵, 而這古老地鐵在地下時沒有手機訊號更不用說網路. 聽說是因為前幾年倫敦地鐵爆炸案, 嫌犯就是用手機啟動, 因此而禁止.
但是從2012年暑假開始, 倫敦地鐵底下是有網路噢, 只是很不穩, 只有在到站的時候才可以搜尋得到, 但是也斷的很快. 本人很怕死, 所以覺得在地下沒有網路或是手機訊號很沒有安全感 (看了過多的CSI的結果).
第一次上地鐵就發現了, 大家都在看!
由於沒有網路沒有低頭族, 大家都浸陷書中, 或是倫敦地鐵免費報METRO, 早晚都會出刊.
5. Colourful Cars 彩色車廂
You’ll always know if you are on the wrong line when traveling in London, as each line represents a colours, so does the car!(check the line & colour above of the map) When you realize the car you are in, isn’t the colour line you are riding for, hop off!
在倫敦搭地鐵, 搭錯了您的眼睛自個兒會告訴腦袋的因為車廂顏色不一樣!
因為倫敦每一條地鐵線除了有自己的名字還有顏色, 所以搭錯了很容易發現.

*Piccadilly Line as you can see is blue! Piccadilly線是藍線, 所以座椅都是藍色的.IMG_1783 

**It’s grey and blue, an intersection of Piccadilly Line + Jubilee Line. 灰+藍, 所以這一條是Piccadilly線+Jubilee線的十字交會口IMG_4375

 ***Central Line (Red) + Northern Line (Black). Central線(紅色)與Northern線(黑色)
 6. Mind the Gap 請小心縫口
A voice always reminding us when getting on/off the tube “Mind the Gap.”
I never knew why we have to mind the gap, until one day I saw a big GAP when getting off the tube and almost fell right into a hole…Mind-the-Gap traveler!!! 
耳熟能詳的“Mind the Gap”, 剛開始不懂為什麼下車時要小心Gap, 直到有一次門一打開映入眼簾的是一個大溝, 差一點掉下去,好險即時看見,整個跳進月台。第一節或最後一節車廂很容易在有大彎道的軌道上碰到大Gap,下一次搭車時記得要 Mind-the-Gap!

Ciao ciao, to be continued for next British episode oh近請期待下一篇英國行噢~~~~ 😉

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